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Are you interested in selling art on OpenSea? At first glance, it sounds like an awesome idea. However, if you’re a tablet user, you might want to think again. First, you would have to use your wallet’s built-in browser. Then, you will notice that you cannot log in, and finally, navigation will confuse you.

Before diving into my first-hand experience, let’s define terms that might be useful to you if you are new to the crypto-currency world.

What is an NFT?

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are digital tokens that can be exchanged and traded on a platform, just as you might find in a physical marketplace. These range from collectibles like virtual trading cards to art, music, and everything in between.

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What is an Ethereum?

Ethereum open banking peer-to-peer cryptocurrency blockchain built with smart contracts allowing for programmable Lego blocks to be created and facilitated for finance.

So without further ado, let’s dive into OpenSea.

OpenSea Browser Usage

Firstly, being successful at OpenSea will bring lots of crypto and loyal viewers. An opportunity to retire on a fancy island with a single servant Sven. The idea is a dream, but not impossible.

As seen on the OpenSea website, some people are making 27k to 180k traded volume by selling their NFT’s.

Axie Infinity selling on OpenSea
Axie Infinity selling on OpenSea

27k traded in volume – Axies are fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and hunt for treasure! Build up a collection and use them across an ever-expanding universe of games! Axie players can earn tokens such as DAI, KNC, and SLP, which can be converted easily to ETH!
CryptoKitties selling on OpenSea
CryptoKitties selling on OpenSea

66k traded in volume – CryptoKitties is a game centered around breedable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties! Each cat is one-of-a-kind and 100% owned by you; it cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.
CryptoPunks selling on OpenSea
CryptoPunks selling on OpenSea

180k traded in volume – The CryptoPunks are the first NFT. A fixed set of 10,000 was launched in mid-2017 and became one of the inspirations for the ERC-721 standard. They have been featured in places like The New York Times, Christie’s of London, Art|Basel Miami, and The PBS NewsHour.
OpenSea Website Login Issue redirects to wallet app OpenSea
OpenSea Website Login Issue redirects to the wallet app

Start selling your art, but be warned, using the iPad will result in hardship while using it with OpenSea. 

Log-in into OpenSea will not work on the iPad. Specifically when trying to use the Coinbase wallet. People will start with the screen, which is forced in locked landscape mode but sideways. Users will notice that the screen is much smaller than it appears.

Inside the Coinbase wallet app browser for the OpenSea
Inside the Coinbase wallet app browser
Redirect Coinbase Sideways OpenSea
Redirect Coinbase Sideways
Internal browser sideways OpenSea
Internal browser sideways

How do you log into Open Sea?

On a positive note, users will have access to the in-app browser to log into OpenSea. Then, the user can pay the gas fee. Finally, release the NFT and put it up for sale.

my collection hallucinogen doodle 112
my collection hallucinogen

Meanwhile, users need to dig through numerous menus to reach their collection. For example, click on the account, then look for collections. It would be more straightforward if they had a dashboard menu item that displayed all the NFT’s.

The hamburger menu is commonly known to indicate more menu options. However, the website designer used a down arrow. It’s creative that they tried something different.

on the iPad trying to locate my collection doodle 112
on the iPad trying to locate my collection

Navigating around the website

While browsing through the site, many terminologies and terms might confuse the ordinary person who wants to sell. Why not add some videos explaining how to use the website, explaining the terms, and show some step-by-step tutorials.

For example, what are gas fees and NFT’s? Why are they using complicated words like escrow?

why are the instructions on the bottom
why are the instructions on the bottom

What are properties, levels, and stats? OpenSea needs to provide examples of how to use these settings.

Editing existing NFT shows properties with little explanation
Editing existing NFT shows properties with little explanation

Also, the signup process has way too many options with nothing recommended.

so many ways to login what is best here
so many ways to login what is best here

When adding items to collection after paying fees, no explanation is given why the items are missing from the set.

items do not appear in the collection
items do not appear in the collection

It will be easier to default the currency to the location of the user.

why not default it to dollar or give a tutorial between each currency so the user wont be confused
why not default it to dollar or give a tutorial between each currency so the user wont be confused

Another fun fact, when users try to log in using the iPad and the OpenSea website, it is impossible to log in. To get into the system, the user must use the in-app browser in Coinbase.

Final thoughts on OpenSea

So in closing, as a word of warning that if you plan on using OpenSea on your tablet, you might struggle a bit logging in, having to type sideways, and understanding what is going on. It’s not a great experience and with many artists using tablet devices to create their works, you would think it would be ironed out more. As usual, tablet users are always considered last, and in the graphic design world, it’s kind of huge bummer.

Nevertheless, let us close out with the national love day art prompt for IINYC, a few related articles, and the NFT Broken Lamps.

IINYC Prompt fudge 6.16.21
IINYC Prompt fudge 6.16.21

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