Doodle 111: 3 Ways to find your passion

Doodle 111 IINYC 4.3.21

Hi, friends, for the doodle 111, Lately, I’m excited about my discovery of using a confident line technique. I call it rough to Confidence.

  • Creating concept
  • Layers are important
  • Go with the flow

Before we go into our passions, let me give you a quick update on my life.

Doodle 111: Intro before the Juice

Doodle 111, I haven’t had time to work on Generative Art A.K.A, Algorithmic Art. Some time ago, Steve and I interviewed. We are waiting to release it once there is interest. Go ahead and vote if you are interested in seeing it.

His store offers many other types of jewelry if you are looking to buy pendants, earrings, or rings. You can check out his Baroque Plus Plus store

Life with resistance isn’t a movement

What if you had resistance in writing your blog doodle 111 every day?

Then you can find your answer in form of affirmation, such as I am a brilliant blogger.

Then, the next part is vital like you will not survive if you don’t do it. What I did was to write an affirmation in the form of a question.

Time needed: 2 hours and 43 minutes.

6 Ways to find your passion

  1. Immediate thoughts, I have resistance to write. 

    I want to draw instead or fill in the blank.
    I get no comments and likes, making me feel, fill in the blank, or skip ahead.Doodle 111 Blank Page 6 Ways to find your passion

  2. Dealing with resistance

    How to find a solution?
    – Go on your favorite search engine and look for the following.
    – How do I make my content more relevant?

    How to start a blog and get noticed for doodle 111
    It would help if you thought about Niche.
    – I love drawing rock formations in Utah because of the challenge, and Montana is great
    – Insect Artist is born
    – Blizzard or Marvel Concept Style

  3. How to find your life purpose with Chris Croft?

    – Combine your parent’s life dream job. The pointer comes from a book idea Celestine Prophecy. For example, my mom wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, and dad didn’t cut it as a programmer. 

    – What did you love doing when you were little? I enjoyed setting up large armies and getting ready for battle—plastic toy soldiers. Then, I would make believe I was flying toy cars and space ships. An make sounds effects as you pass by. Another thing was setting up an electric keyboard in front of the window and make-believe I had an audience to watch my performance. 

    – Uncover your gifts with a doodle 111: Try everything until you find what you love. For example, I play the piano, guitar, harmonica, and DnD. I don’t have a concrete priority, but whenever I feel a stroke of inspiration, I do try it. The main point is to keep trying different things until you realize you’re in love, so in my case, I love playing the harmonica. An easy way to find out your true love is to journal your day because we are so busy we might not pay attention to these sorts of things. 

    – You may not enjoy it until you get good at it. In my case, art, computer programming, and blogging are like that for me. I love the struggle and the challenge. I’m passionate about getting it to work. I want to get a stronger connection with my audience. 

    – Find something that will make a difference. What matters is that you’re helping others and how it makes you feel. If your not sure where you can start, you may want to volunteer or intern. Also, you might want to consider travel, like going to Africa to teach English or religious mission.

    – Meditate on your life purpose, think doodle 111. So before you end your day, you can ask yourself the following: “I would like to know what my life purpose is?” Then close your eyes for 15 mins while sitting or resting down. Try to focus on those words. Meanwhile, your mind might wander. Gently bring it back to your focus while you concentrate on breathing. Later on, you might come across somebody who needs help creating art for a bible project. In a way, the process is to reboot your mind.

Learning to use clip tool – See more clips on my Twitch channel Vyechi

Finish Line

Nevertheless, let us close out with the Easter Rhino Prompt IINYC 4.3.21. Finally, at the end of Doodle 111, a few related articles might interest you.

Doodle 111 IINYC 4.3.21
Doodle 111 IINYC 4.3.21

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