Collaboration is one of the essential ingredients that leads to a deeper connection and joy through creativity.



Have I answered all of your questions today?

Hi, Artists, thank you for considering to contact me. If you need some ideas on what to ask, I wrote up a topic on collaboration. Further, what has worked for me in the past was to answer the four questions, who, what, where, and why. Maybe even how, in our case, I’m trying to aid you in reaching the goal. 

Contact Sample Questions

  • Who – Hi, I’m Vye, please to meet you!
  • What – I need help with drawing Llama’s
  • Why – I’m writing a story on Llama’s, and your style fits my taste.
  • Where – The job is remote only.
  • How – Over email or perhaps video conferencing software?

What book are you reading?

When I make initial contact, I want to know about your interests, but it’s an optional icebreaker. For example, I like the book – “How to sell your art online.” Also, it’s by Cory Huff, so it’s an excellent book to get you started (Amazon affiliate – if you choose to purchase – thank you!).

Contact Information

Feel free to make up a pen name or fake email, but if you really need something, I’m here for you. Also, your name is importent to me, so I can call you by your name when I write you back. Likewise, if you don’t want me to contact you, feel free to use a fake email, but I will be sad.

Schedules with Followup

I will do my best to followup with your questions within 24-48 hours. However, if I do slip up, let me know, and I’ll make your request a higher priority. Plus, I’m so thrilled that you are here and go ahead and put in your request in the contact form below.

    or would you like to reach out to me on social media?

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