Doodle 102: New Features, IINYC, Tracing live-stream

Hi, friends, welcome to the doodle 102. On Tuesday night, I worked on adding a few features to my live-stream for doodle 102. For example, I made a short 6-second bunny intro video, and I wanted to add that as a transition when each screen loads. However, the video only comes up once in OBS,Continue reading “Doodle 102: New Features, IINYC, Tracing live-stream”

Doodle 98: Clarity, Julie Carmon, live-stream

Yesterday, I told my brother I wasn’t feeling well, and he suggested I answer a few questions to seek clarity for the Doodle 98. However, before we dive into the questions, there will be a giveaway of the new Apple iMac 2020 at the end. Now, let’s dive into a few points and gain someContinue reading “Doodle 98: Clarity, Julie Carmon, live-stream”

Doodle 97: Dream Computer, focus on art, remove obstacles

As I doodle for 97, I wrote about my dream of building a water-cooled PC. It takes experience to learn how to make one and to know when something is not working. For example, in my dream, I want to either work in a shop to fix these machines or win a large chunk ofContinue reading “Doodle 97: Dream Computer, focus on art, remove obstacles”