two point perspective: How to draw

how to draw in two point perspective feature

Two Point Perspective

Hi Masters, today, I did a study on a two-point perspective while streaming on Instagram. More importantly, I wanted to improve my skills in the area, and I wanted to see if live broadcasting is a fun way to teach myself. Interestingly, I streamed at home in my NYC apt in my cozy office space. Also, I don’t have any plans on a set schedule yet, as I’m experimenting and seeing if I love it. Finally, if you are an artist looking to grow your skills in perspective drawing, then you will find downloadable content at the end of the post. 

two point perspective

Execution of Two-Point Perspective

During my live stream of a two-point perspective, I planned out a simple setup. For example, I structure my picture in the landscape picture plane. Then, I made sure its a middle shot because I want to show the underside and top of my objects. Also, the plan was to draw simple boxes to learn my mistakes while watching Philip Dimitriadis teach his course. Notably, he was teaching drawing basic shapes. As an illustration, I include the timelapse along with this blog post. Therefore, you can follow along and see my mistakes.

Behind the scenes

As the stream went on for the two-point perspective, I needed to tell people about the live stream. However, I made the mistake of streaming without telling anybody because I was so excited to start. Luckily, I drank a lot of water and took breaks, so every time I restarted, I let people know that I streamed. For example, I went on Facebook and Instagram and created a post linking them to my artist account on Instagram. Also, another mistake was that I didn’t create a time-lapse video. Then, I got excited and posted it along with the original notification. As a result, people might not stick around to watch a thirty-minute video. Therefore, I wrote down my mistakes, and hopefully, going forward, I will do a better job.

Perspective Shot
Perspective Shot

Masters, Take Care!

Thank you for reading how to draw in two-point perspective! If you enjoyed that story, you might want to read Chronolapse Sketches Underway. As promised, I created an hour-long rich with steps on how I made mistakes and what I did to improve my perspective as I progressed.

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