Broken Lamps: thinking about Relationship

Broken Lamps feature

Why I’m thinking about my rocky relationship?

Broken Lamps came to existence because I wanted to express my existing rocky relationship with my Mooncake in hopes of stability. Also, I created the piece when I traveled to Calgary and Banff. Besides, I pictured the Canadian Rockies in the background to show context and my trip to the mountains. Finally, I’m sharing it with you because I’m curious about what you see and feel.

Vision for Rocky Relationship

Broken Lamps must give the feeling of being trapped and hope that somewhere down the road is light (stubborn artist mentality). Also, I try to depict more modern style lamps to provide the viewers with a sense of time. Interestingly, the neon hot pink trees indicate danger along the way but maybe confused with a warmer feeling. Also, if you look up at the sky just above the Canadian Rockies, you might sense the atmosphere and the road pulling you into a vortex.

Perspective and Shot Details Broken Lamps

Here I will discuss the view and shot details of Broken Lamps. For instance, the shot is a landscape type of plane because I want to show the depth of the journey. Also, I kept the angle shot to the middle to depict balance and show both sides of the world. Earlier, I mentioned the road and sky meeting at a point, so the perspective is mostly one point. For example, in a one-point view, I can say that this is my life path, and good and bad things might happen. Finally, I kept the shot to medium-long to fit all the elements.

Broken Lamps - Rocky Relationship
Broken Lamps

References on Pinterest (Mostly)

Sources for the Broken Lamps came from mountains, neon palette in Procreate, and ellipse. Also, I put together a Pinterest board to give you a sense of ideas and perhaps a chance for you to create something?

Thank you for reading Broken Lamps! If you enjoyed that story, you might want to read Phoenix Sketches where I share my progress and ideas.

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