Doodle 98: Clarity, Julie Carmon, live-stream

Doodle 98 Art Duplication 11.10.2020

Yesterday, I told my brother I wasn’t feeling well, and he suggested I answer a few questions to seek clarity for the Doodle 98. However, before we dive into the questions, there will be a giveaway of the new Apple iMac 2020 at the end. Now, let’s dive into a few points and gain some clarity. 

First, what kind of future do you want?

I want to be a concept artist. Also, I want to have a clean, functional and organized home. 

Then, where do you want to live?

A place where the air is crispy fresh with sunny mornings.

How do you want to live?

How do you want to live? I guess that question means how I want to live life to the fullest. For me, it’s honestly with my feelings for doodle 98. 

Who do you want to live with at your home?

I want to live with a nurturing, sweet, caring, patient person.

What do you want to eat?

I like to eat healthy, nutritious portioned RDA meals, and Friday as a cheat day.

What do you want to look like while you’re alive?

What do you want to look like while you’re alive? I like to have longer hair, groomed with a leather jacket. Also, I want to have nice fitting boots.

Doodle Plan 98

The writing exercise is similar to what Julie Carmon suggests we do while reading her book “The Artists Way” for the doodle 98. My brother said that our life equals distractions, and we want to add things of value. Likewise, Julie asks us to think about our age and our wishes. Similarly, my brother said that I don’t want to reach 80 years old and regret the things I did not do. As a result, it is vital to have clarity in what you want from life. In short, Julie Carmon’s ideas are, in fact, similar and will benefit us for the doodle 98. 

Yesterday, we live-streamed the Art Duplication DIET on six different channels for the doodle 98. My goal is to improve my art and find what kind of art I love. Besides, I enjoy entertaining you all with my art and wisdom. For example, I was sharing how to build a banner design for your broadcasting channel. Also, I did my best not to get bogged down by the lack of computer power or configuration with OBS. However, I’m concerned if the slowness and lag will affect your experience. As a result, let’s keep live-streaming the Art DIET for the doodle 98. 

One hour of Art Duplication for Snappa Twitch Banner ~ 11.10.2020, then visit live-streaming page to learn more.

Finish Line

To wrap up, I leave you with the questions at the start, go ahead and try to answer them for doodle 98. Then either post the answers in the comments or create a blog post. Also, you can reach out to me on my contact page and shoot me an email. Now, for the best part, Divi is hosting the new 2020 iMac giveaway. If you want to participate, follow my link to enter the contest to win the iMac. Finally, for the doodle 98, I’m sharing a few related articles that might interest you and the art duplication 11.10.2020 illustration.

Doodle 98 Art Duplication 11.10.2020
Art Duplication 11.10.2020

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