Day One: I write because

I write because and draw zillo star wars

I’m scared of doing the free stream writing type. I write in the morning on Apple tablet with Julie Carmon’s morning pages. Alway wishing to free write on my blog instead. However, morning pages are for the birds and meant to be kept private. Now I’m exploring why I’m writing. Why do I need to tell readers why I even write? It leads me to an area of relaxation. A type of writing that doesn’t require a plan or any type of outline. If I find joy in that type of writing maybe somebody who is reading might find it enjoyable as well.

Most days I write to get through the rut and remove it from my mind.

I can find myself write one or two pages about my ex or somebody who hurt me. Then to realize that I had spent 15 minutes talking about them instead of focusing on myself and my needs. I write to be mindful and to learn more about my emotions and my desires. Then I learned that acting on emotions isn’t always good. Especially if it will cause me harm.

While thinking about writing my mind led me to updating the plugins on my blog. I spent one hour updating WooCommerce plugins that I probably won’t even use for a while. We only a small amount of time during the day and the rest goes to some sort work or other hobby. For me it’s programming, cooking, cleaning, travel, stock market. So many things that prevented me from writing a single blog post since June.

I wish I could free write and not have a care in the world.

I don’t want to plan any keywords or anything like that. SEO is for the birds and I’m on a journey to discover me. So much noise is in the world, its vital that I find what speaks to me and reduce the clutter. Then only can grow and experience the world fully and mindfully.

My favorite song that makes me cry is Way Maker by Leeland Holland. I listen to it when I feel lonely. It helps me amplify my feelings find a way to move forward. My loneliness is teaching me something. From my meditation studies I came to understand that it’s not that we need to push our emotions away, it’s that we need to let them be. Experience them fully and see what they want before we act.

As I’m writing I find it helpful to have something playing in the background.

I hope it’s not influencing my writing too much. Maybe on day two, I will try to write without any interference of music. Actually, I decided to turn it off as I said, so let’s see how my writing changes for the second half.

I committed myself to write for 30 minutes. The Day One, I write because it was a challenge that came from the blogging university. So I hope that I can get back into it without making it a chore. In the past, I had written out outlines and made sure I had pictures and SEO setup for everything. I broke man. I didn’t like the feeling of it and it wasn’t natural like today’s writing. Even doing research on what to write felt like a chore and with the number of things happening in my life. It prevented me from having the capacity to write.

As a result, I spent more time updating WordPress and adjusting things instead of finding a way to write. I don’t know what is in store for day two. However, I hope that after doing these workout’s I will be armed with different ways to write without being so restricted. In a way, I would like to make my blog more of a diary. However, I do wish that I could just write as my morning pages. Which would be like two birds and a stone type of scenario. Maybe that is a lazy way to excuse myself.

I need morning pages to get the rust off my mind that will prevent me from moving forward.

It usually takes me around a half as well to write my morning pages. Perhaps I can write my blog posts in 15 minutes and somehow find the time to write them. It does take effort to get on the operating table. However, I’m excited to share something with you, it’s not effort anymore. It’s excitement and joy. That is another reason why I love writing. It’s my way of sharing what I learned and what interests me at the time.

I’m curious why you write because I want to know if we align together and maybe could have conversation in the comments.

I still to finish writing this bit and have about 8 minutes to come up with some more thoughts on the matter. Why does Vye like to write. I’m seeking a connection with other writers. Even in our busy lives it’s hard to visit somebody else’s blog and read what they have to say. What I found that works for me is self-help type of posts. If I see something that speaks to me, I will comment and ask a question.

Lately I’ve been commenting more on the YouTube platform, so I don’t know how to transition to reading things in the reader so I can find what I need. That is mostly because I love learning through video or audio. It’s so much faster to do that when we lead such busy lives. I’m curious how I can get myself in the spirit of reading more and connecting with you all. You know? No strings attached. That is the way to go.

At least the healthiest way, without forcing yourself to do something where something in return is needed.

I want to do things because I love them. Not because something I want in return. If I don’t get it, it will mess me up. That is me trying to be mindful of how my emotions mess me up.

Praying God and meditation usually calm my spirit and get me in the right mindset before I move through my day. I wake up early in the morning like a stoic and go for my walk with nobody but me. I listen to meditation and clear my head of all negative self-talk. When I get back, I write for 30 minutes and get myself ready for the day.

Hopefully, these patterns will unlock my full potential and remove the attachment trauma that has ruined my life.

Here is an image I illustrated for Star Wars – Zillo Beast during our Meeting with IINYC

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