Day Two: Write a List

Day Two: Write a List Afanc IINYC

Today, let’s write a list. According to the everyday inspiration a list will allow me to loosen up my mind and unlock more ideas. The challenge is to choose one of the following topics.


  • I Like
  • I’ve Learned
  • I Wish
  • You’re Good At

I decided to go with a timer to limit myself to 45 minutes of free listing on the Things I’ve learned.

Write a List

Trading Flow

  • Before you enter a trade
    • What is the trend?
    • Bullish
      • Is the price at support?
        • Yes -> Buy
        • No -> Don’t trade
    • Bearish
      • Is the price at resistance?
        • Yes -> Sell
        • No -> Don’t trade

Stock Market MACD Indicator

  • Composed of 12, 26 period moving average
  • If the 12 period is greater than 26, the market is bullish trend
  • Also, the opposite will make it bearish
  • Crossing over the Zero line will also indicate a bullish trend
  • Is used to show divergences of high highs and lower lows for the market structure
  • When the average moving period crosses the signal line, we can see a buy or sell signal
  • Is a momentum indicator

On Balance Volume Indicator

  • Is used for trend divergence by comparison to market
  • Can show overall trend direction
  • Use it confirm the type of market your trading

Stock Market RSI

  • 30 means oversold market

What is Market Confluence

  • It’s a combination of indicators to build up your trading edge
  • You can combine TTM Squeeze with flag pattern to place a trade
  • Look for oversold positions to open a starter
  • Wait for SMA 50, EMA 20 to cross over VWAP for a bullish trend
  • Allow the MACD histogram to hit the support structure to indicate resistance

TTM Squeeze Indicator

  • Momentum buildup
  • Look for confluence between 2-hour, 30 min or daily time range
  • Keep an eye on the squeeze period cos if it’s too short you won’t have enough time to review it
  • Use it together with support and resistance
  • look for strong bullish hammer candle and strong squeeze
  • Can be combined with the bullish flag pattern
  • Can predict large moves in a certain direction
  • Avoid choppy using together with choppy price action
  • Red dots mean low volatility compared to the normal range
  • Green dots mean the market is taking off
  • Teal is positive momentum
  • Dark Blue is negative momentum
  • Use Fibonacci extension tool to find the exit and take profit at 2.4618 range.
  • Look for Wedge patterns to aid in confluence when placing a trade
  • Writing lists can be helpful for learning and reviewing what I understand

Write a List End

As you can see, I learned a lot about the stock market. If I made a “boo boo” anywhere here let me know so I can make a ton of money. If you’re interested in finding your own inspiration visit blogging university resource page to start your own list.

Here is an illustration from my art meetup:

Day Two: Write a List Afanc IINYC
Day Two: Write a List Afanc IINYC

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