Drawing Plan Six: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Joshua Tree Stargazing - Drawing Plan Six

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan six. I’m obsessed with a Bluetooth transmitter, and it all started yesterday. Do you know about the Bluetooth device? Anyway, I want to get better at world-building so I can get exciting drawings. Eventually, I want to move past the drawing studies and have something interesting to illustrate. Similar to my man Trent Kaniuga. He is a great concept artist. He is writing a short story called Twilight Monk and drawing his characters, like my friend Nenad. The other day, I posted a new banner on my Deviant art page; it was from my rock studies collection. It was a lot of work, but fun, no doubt. So, I need a plan for my drawing project six.

Drawing Plan Six

Today, I completed my 53rd-morning pages, and I wrote out that I will try to focus on researching the above ideas. Also, putting them aside so that I can concentrate on my tasks. After I finish up writing my drawing plan six, I can work out a little bit and move to other tasks. I don’t have my DIET stream today, so I can focus on getting better on my drawing tasks. I need to workout, wash my face, and move on to making breakfast. My girl’s father taught me how to make better oatmeal. I need to boil the water first with the oats, then add the milk and other ingredients. Otherwise, it’s soggy, and water is dried up.

After I finish up breakfast, I can do a few studies and research the Bluetooth stuff. Moving closer to the end of drawing plan six, I want to get rid of a few wires off my desk.

Finish line

At the end of the drawing, plan six, but I keep telling myself to keep writing as it will benefit me in some way. Today is a full day of work, including my regular chores at my day job. As of writing, I forgot to set a timer to see how long I’m writing. I know I started around 6:50 am, and it’s 7:10 almost. Did you guys get a chance to see any of the Instagram DIET video’s I posted? Today is my day off, and tomorrow I’ll start DIET on tracing where I show you how to improve your line quality, structure, and order of importance using a bunny rabbit. Nevertheless, that’s a wrap for drawing plan six.

Join tomorrow if your curious, at least stay for a few minutes, it starts at 8:30 am and here is a picture of a famous rock study.

Joshua Tree Stargazing - Drawing Plan Six
Joshua Tree Stargazing – Drawing Plan Six

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