Drawing Plan Five: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Bunny Art Duplication IGTV event Yesterday - Drawing Plan Five

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan five. What’s up with you? Yes, you? You may answer in the comments, as for me, I finished my post the other day on my fourth plan. Later, I wrote out my morning pages to get out all my issues so I can focus on today’s excitement. Yesterday, my girl’s father stayed over, and we got a fantastic dinner—fish with an eyeball, bean sprouts, and pork. I had to skip on the pig because of my acid reflex. For my art stuff, I managed to complete my art studies and finish up my study art book. So, I need to plan my day today.

The Drawing Plan Five

Today, for the drawing plan five, I saw that nobody caught my blogging header mistake. I will correct it, you probably missed it, like myself. I’m planning to do my live IGTV stream on education today. It’s going to be about bunnies. It will start at 8:30 am, and anybody is free to join. During the event, you can participate by drawing with me and following Reuben Lara’s DIET plan. Then, I need to go to work and somehow squeeze in a few more drawings of rock studies. Finally, I need to wrap up drawing plan five, so I can focus on my other tasks.

Finish line

Finally, drawing plan five is coming to an end, but of course, I will keep it going. My inspiration is Nenad, and I think he is up too like 400 posts. I’m a little worried about connecting with other bloggers. Writing these blog posts takes energy. I’m trying to keep them under 30 minutes, but I don’t know where I can squeeze the connecting effort. I hope that my IGTV content is useful to the art community. My personal opinion is that the videos are too long, people will probably prefer 10-minute video’s to consume. I hope that people will see that it’s a live working event to grow in drawing and not to watch it for entertainment. That’s almost a wrap for the drawing plan five, one last thing.

Anyhow, join if your interested, it starts at 8:30 am today. I will cover bunny drawing education with the Reuben Lara website on Instagram tv.

Bunny Art Duplication IGTV event Yesterday - Drawing Plan Five
Bunny Art Duplication IGTV event Yesterday

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