Drawing Plan Four: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Trolltunga - Norway - drawing plan four

Hi, friends, going to start my drawing plan four, how are you doing? I finished my blog post the other day. Later, I wrote out my plan for the rest of the day. Then, I ended up doing a bike ride to central park and completed two rock studies. Also, I had to clean some of the bathrooms, regular boring with Trent in the background. Later that night, I had wished I had more time, but I managed to squeeze some time to work on Imaginative Illustrators piece. It was about red pandas. That is a wrap for yesterday, what is my plan for today?

The Drawing Plan Four

For today’s drawing plan four, I have already finished my workout routine. Only like 15 minutes of it. During that time, I watched a little bit of Trent’s YouTube videos to motivate me throughout the day. Yeah, then I finished my face washing, that was rough, I didn’t have my YouTube running in the background, I was too excited about getting the blog post I’m writing now. I’m trying to keep the edits low. Later, I need to start cooking breakfast for two. Then work my way into doing the IGTV DIET stream.

Finish line

Finally, drawing plan four, the DIET stream on IGTV is going to be about duplication and bunnies. Check it out, and it’s a live event. I started my live streams a few months ago and going strong. In doing so, I saw improvement in my confidence and my artwork skill. If you want to get better fast, join my channel and follow along. Also, you can checkout Rueben Lara’s website, which outlines a structured, scheduled approach to improving with the DIET plan. Today at 8:30 am eastern, I will cover duplication, which includes plum lines, negative shapes, distance, and angles.

Trolltunga  - Norway - drawing plan four
Trolltunga – Norway – drawing plan four

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