Drawing Plan Three: Morning Half Hour Weekend Drawing Studies

Balanced Rock Mudstone monolith Drawing Plan Three

Hi, friends, going to start my drawing plan three, the other day I didn’t stream on IGTV, but I spent my morning writing my morning pages for Artist’s way. It’s a way to get all my thoughts and inhibitions out. Writing will resolve my complaints on the pages. In other words, I won’t be carrying the burden. However, it will sometimes carry over. It helps. Later that day, I got to do a few rock studies and even create a square brush for Clip Studio. I hope that wasn’t big random segway into my art obsession. Also, that day, I spent running around, going to the doctor to see if I have COV-19, and doing shopping at Whole Foods. Anyway, this morning is a brand new day, and I’m ready for my drawing plan three!

The Drawing Plan Three

For today’s drawing plan three, I wrote my 50th-morning page set. That’s a lot of writing. I think the other day, I did a count. Today, I’m lazy to multiply out 50 times 3, but you get the idea. Now, I’m writing out this post and trying to save energy, so I can get my face washed and do a little workout before I have to go out for a bike ride in the city. Today is Sunday, so we will try to do lots of chores today. I hope that I can find a way to squeeze in more drawings. Yesterday, I feel like I didn’t find myself until the end of the Imaginative Illustrators. I was struggling with drawing red pandas.

I had to force myself to do Zentangles until I could loosen up my lines and get better artwork. My drawing plan for the blog post is to try to get it done before seven am, but it looks like I’m going to be a little late on that.

Finishing Up

To wrap up drawing plan three, I need to focus on the SEO and quickly find a beautiful image of a famous rock study I did during the week. I’m supposed to get around 240 rock studies per month, but I hardly get like ten a week. The reason I’m pushing myself is that I want to draw what is inside my mind’s eye. It’s a struggle to illustrate what I love instead of what people tell you to create from prompts. Like the red panda, it’s annoying to create a study of a red panda. The concept tells no story. I need to focus on what I’m trying to say about the subject and connect with it emotionally. Anyway, we are at the end of my plan, here is a random sketch from my rock studies, and do check out my IGTV streams.

Balanced Rock Mudstone Monolith - Drawing Plan Three
Balanced Rock Mudstone Monolith

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