Drawing Plan Two: Morning Half Hour Weekend Drawing Studies

Balanced Rock Arches National Park Drawing Plan Two

Hi, friends, going to start my drawing plan two, yesterday, I had many ideas, some failed others went okay. I completed my 48 pages for the Artist way, I’m happy about that, and I plan on finishing my 49 pages today. I wish that I shared my morning pages, but it would be an endless stream of consciousness. You will probably be left confused and excited at the same time. So, I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. Do you write those morning pages? It takes me 30 minutes to write three pages. In other news, I don’t have any streams today, but you can still check out in the link at the end of the post.

The Drawing Plan Two

For today’s drawing plan two, I planned to write my 49 pages today. As I’m writing, I already finished them. More importantly, I want to watch a few more videos from Trent. The other day, I was going nuts about purchasing them. I think I spent like four hundred dollars on his tutorials. Do you guys just splurge on stuff you love? I feel like a moron, but it’s worth it. As I’m writing the drawing plan two, I want to finish it under thirty minutes because I want to become more efficient at writing. Last time, it took me forty minutes to complete.

Finishing Up

To wrap up drawing plan two, I don’t have work today, but I have to do a bunch of chores. I need to help with laundry and clean around the house. If it doesn’t rain like crazy here, we will go out and buy some food. Throughout the day, I plan to try to squeeze in my art studies. Also, I have a meetup at 4 pm. Every Saturday, I join the imaginative illustrators of NYC. I need to come up with a drawing plan two for the promotes red panda and hologram event. People tell me that they can see ideas flowing into the brains, but all i hear are crickets. Anyway, we are at the end of my plan, here is a random sketch from my rock studies, and do check out my IGTV streams.

drawing plan two Arches National Park

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