Drawing Plan One: Morning Half Hour Stream Drawing Bunnies

Cliff Dwellings 700 years old - Richard

Hi, friends, going to start my drawing plan one, yesterday, I had an okay day. I wrote my morning pages. Now I’m up to 48. Each set consists of 3 pages. It’s similar to a previous story I wrote about the Artist way. I’m going to try to write out my plans for each day in a short post. I think it will be useful for me to do so because it will allow me to plan my day and keep a diary of what I prepared the other day. The other day I had done my IGTV stream on Instagram on tracing using the DIET plan from the Rueben Lara website as a guide. It went reasonably well. Then, I spent several minutes procrastinating if I should buy Trent’s Kaniuga tutorials. I think I spent like four hundred dollars or more of his stuff. Let’s jump into drawing plan one.

The drawing Plan One

For today’s drawing plan one, I’m planning to stream Art DIET Invention Stream similar to yesterday, and I will try to recall my experience of drawing bunnies. I forgot to mention, and I am drawing bunnies for the whole month of July. Then, I will switch it to a new topic. Later that day, I do another set of drawing exercises called famous rock formations. The famous rocks are studies I draw in Clip Studio paint every day. I plan to practice them and try to hit ten sketches every day for the whole week. So far, I haven’t gotten to that point, but hopefully, I will, and you guys can keep track of that if you want to hold me accountable.

To wrap up the drawing plan one, I need to go to work, and I program for my computer job. It’s my 10-6 job. I get a lunch break around 1 pm if no meeting or delays. For lunch, I had red cabbage salad and edamame. Edamame is a good source of protein. Did I tell you I’m a nutritionist because I started recording what I eat? It’s worth it, but it’s a pain in the ass. I use a tool called Chronometer to track my intake. In doing so, I keep myself from falling asleep. I’m mostly home, so we don’t go out much, and I will get fat. Anyway, we are at the end of drawing plan one, and I will try to write it every day now, my inspiration is my friend Nenad. Here is a random sketch from my rock studies and do check out my IGTV streams.

Cliff Dwellings 700 years old - Richard - drawing plan one
Cliff Dwellings 700 years old – Richard

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