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Morning Page - Stop Blocking The Artist Way

Every morning I write my morning pages in a small, brightly lit room to unlock my creative expression. Afterword, I continued my Instagram DIET plan. However, I didn’t feel comfortable publishing my morning pages on the blog because of my terrible writing. Interestingly, I will speak about my experience and growth. Also, if you can afford it, I suggest using technology like an iPad with Apple pencil. Otherwise, the pen and paper will do fine.

My Experience with the pages

The first day of writing morning pages was terrible. I put on music and tried to type out three pages of text on my Apple Notes. Meanwhile, I counted each painful minute and cursed at the idea of typing away for an hour and thirty minutes. After an agonizing session, I was determined to find a way to generate three pages under an hour. Why do you ask? Why should I go through the trouble? Well, because I don’t want my brain to block my creative expression aimlessly and I want to use it to its full potential. Finally, forty-five pages later, I found myself producing more art without artist block!

Morning Pages Return on Investment

Morning Pages enabled me to illustrate

Morning pages to record are Forty-five pages, fifteen hours of Apple Pencil writing so that I can be free of all restraints. Further, penciling in my worries and concerns gave me room to illustrate. More so, as issues come, so did the solutions. Maybe not in the same session, but at least resolved within the week. While writing, I would talk about my plans for the week and pending items.

Consequently, I freed my mind from thinking about the issues and let them subconsciously correct themselves. In other words, why should I keep playing the same tune in my head? Therefore, I permitted myself to create. Finally, the next morning, I would start again, and if I had the same problem, I wrote out my concerns and, one by one, put my issues to rest. 

Morning Pages Inspiration

I got the idea of brain dumping every morning from my girl and my good friend Michael. Plus, if you like to read about morning pages, I suggest you take a look at The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

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