Drawing Plan Seven: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Kjeragbolten Norway Drawing Plan Seven

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan seven. I’m doing well with my morning pages, writing the 53rd set the other day. Yesterday, I spent the day on not streaming on IGTV, but mostly Trent’s Gumroad. His experience in drawing is exciting and how he grows as a concept artist. It moved me to continue doing my rock studies. Also, I reached out to him over Twitter to chat about his weird fingers in Olluf with the Moonkins concept art. Even though I had to do chores, feeding myself, and going to work eventually, I managed to squeeze in two to three studies. In the end, we need to move to illustrate plan six for today.

Drawing Plan Seven

Man, what is the drawing plan seven? I woke up tired today, going to bed late sucks my energy out in the morning, but I will stream today at 8:30 and make a warm breakfast. And yes, you can join the excitement during my Instagram stream on DIET plan tracing. Where we will learn about line quality, simplification, and line weight. I don’t remember the other bits, but it’s a fun little 30-minute exercise to improve your art. Also, the rest of the plan is mostly going to work and surviving the day. Anyhow, let’s close out the drawing project six moves over to the finish line.

Finish line

So for tomorrow, the drawing plan eight, I will have a similar routine, so look for the IGTV stream for art invention, where we practice everything we learned during the week. We always aim to start at 8:30 am. If you’re wondering why so freaking early? Well, because your brain is fresh at that time. Learning later in the day doesn’t work well for me, sorry night owls. Anyway, if your interested join in other live stream today or tomorrow or watch it whenever you want, feel free to show your work on social media and tag me so I can share it out.

Kjeragbolten Norway Drawing Plan Seven
Kjeragbolten Norway Drawing Plan Seven

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