Community Art Store: Week Review

Community Art Store Feature

Hi, today I will try to open my community art store. Hold it, How is your week/weekend? As I’m writing, trying to maintain focus on this while talking to my mom. I’m working on opening up a community art store on my blog. Also, the other day, I was running in the morning and managed to get a few beauty shots on the boardwalk. Thursday, I found myself playing cricket with co-workers and day’s before, I’m squeezing in any chance I can get to draw. Okay getting off topic, I did mention community art store, it’s been on my mind for a few weeks now because it gives me the opportunity to be supported and continue to give back to the community.

Community Art Store

I won’t reveal all my secrets, but stay tuned. Heh. Wait! Okay, I’m thinking of a way to connect with the community. I was thinking of posting the art I create from your ideas in the store. I have a few already, but they haven’t been designed and published. However, on Friday I worked on an abstract piece that will be part of the store. The art piece is a test run to see what is possible. I created a red rectangular pillow with cover. If you do decide to buy it, let me know your experience and what I can improve with my community art store. A small portion of the income will go as a donation back to the WordPress community.

Who is included in Community?

While I’m doing all these things I mentioned earlier, I’m always thinking about how to help the community grow. More importantly, I want to answer the who questions in the fantastic bold header above. To be part of the art store community, just reach out, and we can see if it will work out. In the past, I worked with Dronstadblog. His work reaches many eyes and influences even me to draw. If he is okay with it, I would like to put his idea’s to life in the community art store.

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