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Podcast Episode Two: Transcribing

Transcribe it! Is it possible to write freely, draw freely without worry of search engine optimization? I long for having the ability to post images of my drawings. I’m striving to become an artist, and the steps I’m about to take will get me closer. Let me know what you think of the new format? A few weeks ago, I did another podcast on Quick Poses. It used a different way to describe the podcast.

Transcribe: The Summary

Full Transcript

Hello everybody today I am doing something interesting with a podcast while trying to transcribe it at the same time. Always thinking like I’ve been writing these blog post stain some days Some Nights now I’ve been writing them down the weekend, but I always wanted to just draw and have my pictures sort of tell the story. But lately, I’ve been more worried about the SEO and making sure I have a story to tell before I share my artwork and it has really slowed me down. Probably wondering why I’m saying. At the end of my sentence so like I said before I am using an interesting method to transcribe my podcast/blog post I found something online about a Corky way to transcribe. So what you do is you open up a Google Docs or Word Microsoft Word is kind of similar to it. And you go to tools and enable voice recording. It’s a little tricky because you need to first start recording on your recording software. Okay, what kind of recording software am I using I’m using? The cool thing about that is it does two types of recording what is the text which is going to be written as I am talking and the other is recording my voice in the actual podcast as I’m talking. While I’m talking I’m looking at the Google Docs, and it’s typing exactly what I’m saying, but sometimes I got to go in there and correct it this is great. Okay, let me say that again this is great because I don’t need to pay somebody to transcribe my podcast, in fact, this is so easy I might just continue using this. Normally I shoot for 300 words or more when writing my blog post so I think this will really speed things up for me because now I can just focus on what do you call a drawing and not actually writing the damn thing. I can also have this podcast ready for you to listen to instead of reading my texts but if you’re up for reading, you can go ahead and read the text as well. Starting to get used to saying. All the time haha. So I think I’m about I’m about 40 minutes into the podcast.. 40 minutes 4 minutes yeah there you go don’t be an addition as a complete mystery to me we’ll need to figure out how to use it in the future. I did look into a subscription sorry at transcription service, and I’m going to give it a test to see if they do a good job and if they do I might give it a good review. I wanted to talk about what I did after I got home after work but I have to try to remember what that was. What did I do I worked on eating first and those watching an Andromeda to sci-fi Space movie with Captain Dylan Hunt. After that, I went over to my computer machine and I started working on would I start working out I went on you. My and I started looking at my environment course that I signed up for. What is this environment course it’s I want to learn how to draw environments for another project I’m working on so hopefully I can share some of those images with you in this blog post. After that I submitted the environmental work that I did for you tomorrow and I put it up my deviantART page for other people to look at I’m pretty proud of myself because I worked on this thing during my commute the second time around like came out really nice some cool looking trees and some backgrounds fading out at the distance creating atmospheric environmental thingamabob. Okay after that I went ahead and signed into my gum road to look into my favorite artist rent friend is doing a tutorial in the basic fundamentals of drawing and I was watching his third video on creating treasure chests. While practicing, I started working in Photoshop, and I was just freehanding and eyeballing the perspective lines its kind of hard to explain Over podcast it’s kind of easier if I just throw it out and show it to you may be in a time-lapse one day. As I’m recording this thing over this podcast, I’m starting to notice a few things while the Google Doc is recording my text. Sometimes it just stops recording, and I have to go and press it so if you hear a weird pause in the podcast that’s why. Some ready 10 minutes into the podcast and I’m pretty happy with the result. I think that I will have to edit some of the text in this Google Docs, so it looks readable cuz some of the things that it wrote here are not spelled correctly but for the most part it’s great can’t wait to share this with you definitely will leave the pictures in the blog post somewhere in between some of this text as I’m writing it or them talking in the software is writing it If you like this new format just let me know in the comments below trying to be as open as-as positive about it as possible I think this would be great way for me to connect with my audience and answer any of your questions anyway thanks for joining in or if you do listen to the podcast thanks for listening to that as well I have it set up with Google so if you do want to subscribe there should be a way to do it I’m just not sure how once I find out I’ll share that way with you. Take care Transcript

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