Drawing Prompts: My Thoughts

Drawing Prompts

Now and then, I have thoughts about drawing prompts or writing. If I had to choose between the two, you know what which I would pick? Nothing against being a writer, but I feel that I’m struggling and I don’t even know if it’s having a negative or positive impact. In essence, I wrote that because it’s my solution. At the end of the post, I’ll include the weekly art prompt. If you feel so inclined, go ahead and write or draw about it.

Drawing Prompts or Writing?

Like any week, I haven’t been writing, but drawing every day, I could find the time. Write or draw? The answer could include keeping a diary or a notebook handy to jot down my thoughts. What kind of ideas should an artist record? Two solutions can consist of, the problem and process. I can decorate the artwork with instructions. It will look messy, but I can say it’s part of the art.

Try to answer the above question

To answer the question above, replace the second word with your passion. For example, write or sports, write or music, write or eating, write or draw? If you have time, try to think about your enthusiasm and how you can combine the two in interesting ways. In my case, maybe the problem is the solution. If you do comment, thank your time!

Weekly Drawing Prompt: Back to School

If you answered the write or draw question above, you are well on your way in becoming great. However, if you truly want a challenge, see if you can come up with a response for Back to School drawing prompt? In other words, write or draw anything related to that cue and include a link back to this original post. The previous prompt was Internet dating, while not a prompt for WordPress. It is in the meetup, Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC.

Thank you for reading. I am thankful for your continued support!

To share your views on drawing prompts:

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