Dancing Dancers: What inspired It?

Dancing Dancers

Dancing Dancers

Yesterday, I was hosting the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC, and our drawing prompt was dancing dancers. Not really knowing what to draw, I went on autopilot and started to sketch clouds. Arrg, 20 mins later I saw lovers dancing in the vapors under the 🌒⚡!

Life is like dancing. If we have a big floor, many people will dance. Some will get angry when the rhythm changes. But life is changing all the time. Read more at www.brainyquote.com.

What do you about my drawing?

Dancing Dancers Lovers in the Clouds
Dancing Lovers in the Clouds

Experience with Imaginative Illustrators of NYC

During my commute to the meetup, I was thinking about the topic. What should I draw? If you already guessed, you get a gold star! Badum Tish! While I googled dancing poses and silhouettes, we had various characters pop in the subway car.

What happened at the meetup?

As you know, New York City is a busy wild place! Especially on a Saturday! For now, I’ll leave you with that got a little inspiration from the commute to the meetup. Upon arrival, I was eager to meet people and hopefully see a few familiar faces. lub-dub-lub-dub-lub-dub … I was the host today! Being nervous, I greeted the ladies and gents and quickly spewed out my art supplies on the table. Almost mechanically, I explained what the topic was about and did my best to answer questions. So we started drawing images of “Dancing Dancers.”

Dancing Dancers Comic
Dancing and Dancers Comic

Why you should be inspired by dancing as a form of art?

During the meetup, a question poped up. Why do I choose dancing as the topic? BWEEP bip bip BWEEP! While alarms were going off in my mind trying to come up with a reasonable explanation, I managed to stitch together the following concoction. Dancing is an art form; it will show emotion and how the body stretches.

Hey Readers!

Thank you for reading my story about Dancing Dancers meetup. I posted everybody else art pieces. If you like to see them, please visit our page at meetup.com

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