Fall Harvest: How to get Inspiration?

Fall Harvest Feature

In preparation of the fall harvest, we the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC decided to draw in theme. Join me on my journey on how the images below came into existence. We had many ideas. For example, blood harvest, slasher idols, and historical persons. The particular image you see above is a small scene from a larger comic.

How I got my inspiration for the Fall Harvest?

Starting with a quick lunch and dress for travel to Manhattan. During my commute, I open up Google image search and start a fall harvest collection. Did you know that Google has a collection feature!? It’s similar to Pinterest, but it includes the world!

Start your Fall Harvest collection!

While I create my mood board, Google places tags below the search bar that helps me filter and generate ideas for my drawings. For example, fall harvest will give you cards like apple, pumpkins, harvest sangria, snack mix, harvest salad, apple pie, apple cider and much more! Then, when you find something you like, you can start collecting items in your basket and revisit them anytime. Again, the goal is to give you a tool to brainstorm for your prompt, contest or event.

What happened – Imaginative Illustrative of NYC

Before arriving, I’m always feeling a bit nervous because of the new faces to greet and thrilled with the challenge of it all. Likewise, the place is on the second floor of a cafe. Almost always, I take a leak, splash my face with cold water in the conveniently located bathroom in the back. Feeling refreshed, I greet everybody and notice that my co-event organizer already started the meetup. I open up my google collection and quickly start drawing a few rectangles and portrait-like spaces to fit my comic. While scrapping through the group of reference, having an hour, I immediately try to come up with an exciting story to for the fall harvest.

How do you find your inspiration?

Thank you for reading my article on Fall Harvest, and I would appreciate if you can take a moment and write about your experience. In doing so, it will help others who might have a similar question. Thank you again for taking your time out of your day to visit my art blog!

More about the Meetup?

If you’re curious about the meetup, Imaginative Illustrators of NYC? I’ve left a few links below for you to find out more. 

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