Rothko Abstract Painting Contest Experience

Rothko Abstract painting experience Feature

Today I want to tell you about my Rothko abstract painting contest experience. AIso, I want to share what I felt during the contest. More importantly, I want to bestow the technique on to you. Finally, in the end, I will share the location of the submissions.

Experience The Rothko Abstract Painting

I’ll start by saying I know little about the artist Mark Rothko. It wasn’t until the contest that I learned to see with new eyes. What the heck does that mean? During my college years, I took a few art classes, but I cared little about history. So what? Well, Rothko was different, and it’s worth checking his works. Why? Yo bloggers, I’m pretty sure you love it when people comment on your blogs right? Rothko paintings made people cry! Okay, so the point is I wanted to figure out how to do that with my art.

Did I cry?

During my commute from and to work, Rothko abstract painting made it to my sketchbook. For two fantastic weeks, it was spent on drawing eleven works of art. At first, I felt calm and collected. Boring! From an artist point of view, I pulled in the golden ratio and rule of thirds (you will see in the first few images). Yes, I know mechanical. No crying yet! What changed? Nothing until I dragged myself on YouTube to learn why people love this guy? To be honest, the crying started in the third image.

Rothko Technique; The Way; The Method

Let’s move away from the robotic mathematical stuff you all know and love! Meet Neil Fontaine, who created the contest and wrote:

“The Rothko theory, in short, is that even the most simple abstract art can sell for millions because the artists emotions are captures in every brush stroke.” Neil Fontaine

Interestingly, I learned that Rothko’s installations had a significant impact on pulling people and caging their minds. Also, I learned that he piles on colors with loads of paint thinner. As a result, the colors bleed into each other, making the painting move.

Final Thoughts

Well, you made it this far! As a reward, here is the page for the submitted art pieces for the abstract painting contest. Also, what I chose for the submission and runner-up! Feel free to comment or critique in any way.

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