Internet dating & Saturday in a review

Internet Dating Feature

Internet dating, I know, you’re probably asking lots of questions. I will reveal what that is about towards the end. I will say though; it has something to do with the Let’s draw meetup. Wait, a MAJOR artist who worked on several triple-A games, Trent Kaniuga gave me a YouTube critique on my artwork (below video). He created a course called Easy Art Lessons 1-5 on his Gumroad, that I followed and posted on Twitter. Aside from that, I wanted to discuss my weekend plan. Everybody weekend plan is different right? Saturday, I run in the morning, eat breakfast, go to the Metropolitan Musem of Art and draw with Imaginative Illustrators Of NYC. Everything else is just filler, right?

The Run

Waking up to rain, wishing it would stop so that I can get on with my internet dating, sorry I mean jog on the boardwalk. Hah. Looking at my weather app, I only had to wait till 10 am. After that, breakfast, while watching the show Andromeda, a sci-fi space series about a heroic captain, named Dylan Hunt, who saved the universe from its destruction. Okay moving away from that, I’m excited about sharing jogging pictures below!

Good Morning or Afternoon!

Finishing up breakfast, thinking about what Lets Draw and internet dating theme. Meanwhile, I’m getting dressed to leave for the museum. My goal is to see the amour exhibit and draw. To get the museum, I must take the Q train to Manhattan, an hour ride. What do you do with your commute? No worries, Let me tell you what I do. My commute involves me sketching shadows and objects that could turn into something meaningful. Today, I decided to draw a bunny rabbit and continue shading Fortuner from 7th Dragon III Code. It’s a Nintendo DS Sega Role playing game (RPG). Why the bunny? If you ask nicely, I might reveal it in the comments.

Museum Visit

I made it to the Metropolitan Museum of Art! But, I ran out of time, so I decided to look at it and do a short walk around Central Park. I had about 20 minutes, but being hot and the possibility of traffic, I decided not to risk it. Then I caught the M4 bus that leads me to the let’s Draw: internet dating meetup.

Let’s Draw: Internet Dating!

Internet Dating
Internet Dating

I arrived 30 minutes early! The cool thing about the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC meetup is that they host it inside a Cranberry Cafe. Why is that cool? Well, they have AC! Okay, the other reason is that I was hungry, so I ordered a tuna melt. During the meetup, we were asked to draw theme relating to internet dating. Sadly, I didn’t know what they meant by catfish. Do you know what catfish means? For example, when you’re using a dating app, the appearance of the person is different. In the last picture, the guy uses the app, finds a chick, goes to the cafe to meet her. However, he sees a dinosaur! Twist, the guy transforms into a dinosaur, and they fall in love. The end!

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