Let social media Inspire You

let social media inspire you

Hi, I have never done a social tweeter response feeling thing before. So let social media inspire you is the new gig today. 

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Let social media Inspire you.

It is interesting because I spent all day learning to get my program to auto trade-in “thinkScript.” But, in the end, I was not too fond of the result. Instead, I felt like I was at the beginning of my journey. 

The Stock Market

Earlier that day, in a Discord server, Analysis Trade, the owner messaged me and told me I was making it too complicated. He said I needed to create support and resistance lines and keep an eye on the indicators and trade. While all good and all, I can’t do that during work. As a programmer, it’s enough to stress deadlines, so I need another way. 

Then I decided to learn to automate the trading on ThinkorSwim (TOS), which led me to learn so much. I had to pause for a second now. Cos, some good music went on from the Lofi channel. I’m curious whether writers in a blog post create a pause. Can I use repetition or some other writing tool? I wanted to use ellipses, but I’m sure the grammar is correct.

While automating and getting stuck, feeling frustrated and curious, I kept telling myself that I learned a lot and I’m competing against Ph.D.’s and day traders, so take it easy, Vye. So yeah, social media inspired me to write. However, not giving up yet! Not an excuse to spend watching Netflix shows. A tiny reset lunch over a movie or something. Then get back into it again. 

What keeps me going? 

I was asking myself that question when I filled out my feelings chart. Cos most people give up on complicated things. For me, it’s the creative outlet of many ways to make money from the market. I know that I would like to own a condo or something small. However, I better be careful cos it will cost me my mental health. Therefore, I remind myself of boundaries. 

Is a reminder enough?

It’s funny that I want to make a boundary because it doesn’t get followed. I must respect my timeslot for trading and studying the market to work genuinely. Today, I had off, but I set myself up for early morning market and tea on other days. So, it’s only 1-hour time slot stretched out for a few days. Therefore, if I do it in an open-minded objective way, I will succeed where others won’t.

I had the schedule set up last week, but a lot of the stock market jigger creeps into my breaks during my work because of my excitement, which adds an insane level of stress. Therefore, I need an accountability partner here to get me on track. However, I will try to keep myself from doing that and stick to my schedule. One hour isn’t much, but compounded, it will mean something.

On the bright side, I will get a chance to absorb the material and get inspired by outside sources. 

Break! Then back to social media inspires us.

Oh man, I got a call today from my boss that work from home got extended, so I had to pause writing. I had positioned myself for 25 minutes of free stream writing. So, for the moment, I have about 7 minutes left, and I get to get myself back into the swing of things. 

Going back to the Tweet, studying all day and learning is tedious, but when money is involved, it’s okay? I took a loss from selling my stocks in December. Then I sold a put and got a significant amount back at the cost of my mental health. That is why I’m trying to gain knowledge and the confidence to trade appropriately. 

Risk is a serious thing. 

When I first started trading, I convinced myself that 50 shares of Baba or 50 shares of gold stock would be okay because a YouTuber recommended it. However, I didn’t know I needed to trade 25% times 1-2% of my account value to maintain proper risk levels. In doing so, I will be less prone to be jerked around. Also, placing crazy lotto plays isn’t the answer either. 

Well, I’m nearing the end of today’s writing workout, so learning is good, but balance is better. So, because of my mental importance and positive objective attitude towards getting my inner self healed, I know I will find a way to succeed in many different levels of my life. 

If social media inspired you in some way, let me know in the comments.

Be well.

let social media inspire you
let social media inspire you

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