The Space to Write

The space to write

Hi, I am writing on my bamboo standing desk and channeling the space to write. It is facing the wall, and to the left of me, I have a secondary monitor on a moving arm. Further left, I have a view of the canal. The best part about that is I can rest my eyes and look beyond my computer screen.  

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

The Space to Write

I’m using a computer desktop with wireless Bluetooth peripherals. I wouldn’t say I like wire noise, and I try to keep things at a minimum to reduce the distraction. It keeps me mindful and encourages clarity. In return, I can keep writing distraction-free. 

Today, I set up a 25-minute goal of free stream writing. At the top of the half-hour goal, I feel I’m out of ideas, so I’m scanning my table for anything that speaks to me. I noticed that I kept my colors similar. Electronics are black, and skirts and placemats are blue. I am further supporting consistency to reduce distraction. 

The goal is to have a space for writing, not for anything and everything. For example, if I notice something grabbing my attention, I need to be mindful and see if it will pull me away. For example, the blue color highlights my hands, and the black will act as a barrier of focus. 

Channeling the Clarity

Now I’m thinking about writing during the nighttime and total darkness. Then the only color will be the marks on the white page. However, since I go to bed early, I’m usually tired. Therefore, my writing space is during the morning or afternoon.

Scanning some more, I have two speakers on each side playing music without words, furthering my ability to zero in focus. 

At the time of writing, it will benefit me not to run the cleaning robot or have a playlist to channel the correct type of energy. Although my keyboard has a play next button, it works nicely with Amazon music, to my surprise.

The abundance is around me.

Almost out of ideas and reminding myself that these things are progress, not perfection. I make many mistakes, and I’m not growing if I don’t know if they are mistakes. For example, the color of the blue placemats doesn’t match. Also, my eye travels to the left each time I type, adding unnecessary attention. That will steal my engagement, so I will remove it and expand my mat. 

I think that is all I wanted to write about today. However, I would like you to submit any suggestions on focusing on an upcoming post. It will be a surprise. 

Be well,


The space to write
The space to write

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