“Your life is what your thoughts make it.”

Your life is what your thoughts make it - Confucius

“Your life is what your thoughts make it.”


Hi, friends,

I hope all is well. Today, I’m doing a timed writing workout. To pick a quote that speaks to me in the exercise. The challenge mentioned that it’s like an epigraph. It’s similar to how an author inserts a quote at the beginning of the book. For day 4, I choose the section, “Your life is what your thoughts make it.” I like that quote by Confucius because I struggled with that idea.

Anything from going into a dirty rabbit hole to evil thoughts parading my mind. Also, these feelings were left un-processed, and my mind drained. Recently, I learned that the brain consumes 25% of body energy as the neurons fire every mini-second. 

Journaling – “Your life is what your thoughts make it.”

In the end, I have a journal in hand to write as a stoic to an evening review. During that time, I spend a few minutes asking and answering questions to see where an objective improvement is needed. For example, I’m battling loneliness because I haven’t lived independently. My mind consistently reminds me of this situation, and I must try to keep myself mentally healthy. 

I learned that meditation helps by refocusing my mind on processing emotions. For example, in “Coming Home to Yourself,” Sarah Blondin speaks on centering around my heart. The heart is always with me, cheering me on no matter what I do. Therefore, I’m never truly alone. 

I want to say that I must remind myself, my inner child, that when I go down that road, I’m with somebody who is my true life partner. Who will stay with me till the end no matter what choices I make in my life?

Framing my mind in such a way will help me keep a balance. As well, keep Satan’s evil game away. 

“We remember that we are powerless over others.”

Moreover, I’m working on Coda, and I happen to be on step 8. A quote popped into my head about change, “we remember that we are powerless over others.” To me, it’s speaking that change comes within me, and it’s pointless to try to change anybody outside the vessel. 

At this time of writing, I have about 10 minutes left, so I’m telling self to keep going until the minutes run. Then see if anything else comes to mind while remembering the quote, “Your life is what your thoughts make it.” 

I remember all the feelings of arguments with my ex in my mind. Then, I ask myself: Do I want to be correct or free. To be accessible and able to be me. I am expressing myself without feeling restricted at home. 

It is a blessing to be alone because I now have minimalism in my life. It’s truly helping me clear the clutter out of my life and focus on what is vital to me. For the moment, my most significant achievement is not buying a couch, TV, and bed end tables. Instead, my apartment feels open and accessible. Sometimes, I wonder if I will find a small place because I have too much space. 

I’m excited to find clever way’s to use my space to bring me fulfillment. I want to entertain the idea of sitting on the floor and doing work or leisure things.

I’m following a few YouTubers who share the same light, and I’m using that energy to see how I can expand my mind. One such channel is Heal Your living. She is a practitioner of mindfulness, sustainability, minimalism, and wellness. I hope to capture some of that energy and replicate it in my life.

Alright, well, that is enough for 30 minutes of writing. Hope to see you all in the next workout. 

Be well.

Your life is what your thoughts make it - Confucius
Your life is what your thoughts make it – Confucius

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