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Image of God My Discovery

When I look at the image of God, I remember a time I cried at Hill Sung Church. Then, I played my harmonica to the toon of Way Maker by Leeland. Then, I hoped to find a love that would understand my feelings and hold me tighter than my beating heart.

Soon, I realized that my heart was my trustworthy source of true love. It stays with me no matter what I do. It continues to beat and relentlessly keeps me moving forward.

A true love

When I think of God’s image, I want to find a way to love the Lord as my heart loves me. I like the same type of warmth to flow out of me. 

Betrayed are my feeling, but I remind myself that I put ‘me‘ in that position. So, for now, I’m looking to unwind that thread and find the wisdom from a few good sources to keep myself falling into that hole. 

Source of love

For the moment, I’m reading Life Without Limits by Nick Vujicic. I love the enjoyment emitting from his soul when he meets Danial, a boy in a similar situation as him. Nick was born without limbs and with parents who almost gave him up. During a presentation, Nick speaks about his no limitations despite not having any limbs. The little one has the biggest warm smile on him. So many have cried in the joy that there is hope for us. 

From my bible study group, the image of God needs to come from inside me. In other words, I need to give myself entirely and love Christ. For the moment, I’m Jewish and in the middle of conflict if I want to make that move. However, I believe there is a God, and the Lord is watching over us. 

Be well ~

Image of God Day four
Image of God Day four

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