CoDA Daily 10 Review

coda daily tenth review

I use these CoDA daily tenth review questions for any time during your day as a way to check in with myself and see how well I’m doing. The questions came from suggestions during my Step 10 Study group. In honoring CoDA literature only, I removed non-CoDA approved references.

CoDA Daily Tenth

  • Am I getting enough sleep and rest?
  • Did I exercise today, take a walk, swim, or do any other self-care activities?
  • Am I eating a healthy diet?
  • Did I honor my feelings?
  • Am I
    • taking care of myself?
    • living my higher powers will?
    • practicing gratitude?
  • Did I do some form of prayer and or meditation?
  • Did I communicate in a healthy way today?
  • If I let my codependent behavior take over today, what was that codependent behavior?

New to CoDA? Below is a short clip from the organization.

We welcome you to Co-Dependents Anonymous, a program of recovery from codependence, where each of us may share our experience, strength, and hope in our efforts to find freedom where there has been bondage and peace where there has been turmoil in our relationships with others and ourselves.

If you are interested in buying the CoDA workbook, you may get it on Amazon.

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