The Drawing Plan 18: Drizzle, Drizzle. Drip, Drop—bird Whistles.

three sisters blue mountains australia drawing plan 18

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 18. The other day we did a lot of cleaning and cooking for the week, but more importantly, I got to focus on the book called The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.

Artists Way is an auditable book that will hopefully improve my creative mind. Also, it’s about 2 hours long so that you can finish it in one day. For example, It comes with 12 weeks of exercise. Besides, it’s the reason why I started writing the morning pages every day. However, now I need to implement the work the author outlines each week. The first week is about affirmations or negating all the complaints and weaknesses.

Anyhow, later that day, I got excited about Ragnarok and decided to draw. For instance, see the image below a level one novice, who will become a lord knight one day. I used to play as a lord knight, and I remember it took forever to level up my character. Anyway, let us move on to drawing plan 18 and wrap up today.

Novice Level One - Ragnarok
Novice Level One – Ragnarok

Drawing Plan 18: Today’s Plan

Drawing plan 18 is about my Instagram live stream coming up at 8:30 am. We will focus on Duplication from the DIET set. For example, we will cover plumb lines, negative shapes, angles, and distances. Also, we will use a bunny as our subject, but feel free to use whatever you want to draw. Also, I’m hoping to finish my breakfast before I need to stream; otherwise, you will see me eating my yogurt and oatmeal for the drawing plan 18.

Duplication Live Streaming Sample Demo

Duplication is a live streaming event so that you can join together with me for an hour, and we can try to work on improving our art skills. Below, I attach a video of how the format will work. Check it out if you have some time. Anyhow, let us wrap up the drawing plan 18 and enjoy the rest of the day.

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the three sisters, blue mountains in Australia.

Three Sisters, Blue Mountains in Australia
Three Sisters, Blue Mountains in Australia

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