Drawing Plan 17: Gurgle, jingle. Clatter, Clap. Whipping-Whisper.

Maczuga Herkulesa Poland drawing plan 17

Good Morning, friends, let us go over yesterday, then make our way to the drawing plan 17. Firstly, I worked on the usual routine, doing my mental push-ups with morning pages and reconnecting with you as my audience. My goal is to let you into my world every day so that I can share my progress. Also, is it a bit selfish to advertise me?

Yesterday, I spent too much time writing drawing plan 16. Besides, I think it took me an hour to complete the writing. Hopefully, today the muse will sing proudly without a filter.

I didn’t do too much drawing, but towards the second half of the day, I attended the Imaginative Illustrators of NYC. It’s a prompt-based drawing group. Also, the prompt for the meetup included magic potions, a national day of the cowboy, and rock mom. I choose to make the first choice. Anyhow, let us move to the drawing plan 17, and I discuss the drawing.

Magic Potions - Imaginative Illustrators of NYC
Magic Potions – Imaginative Illustrators of NYC

Drawing Plan 17 – Magic Potions

Imaginative Illustrators is a tough place mentally. Also, levels of artists are different. Not to mention, your inner thoughts can go against you. We started the topic on Wednesday. Then, our group meets Saturday to continue or start a new concept. I choose to keep my process.

Magic potions didn’t have a story at all. It started as a doodle, specifically only about bottles—nothing interesting at all.

Drawing plan 17 started with me writing out my morning pages complaining about how terrible of an artist I am—damaging my brains for not coming up with a better idea. Then, halfway through the bashing, I realized that I need to write out my stream of consciousness while I’m doodling. Maybe record my voice while I talk to myself. Until I get something, I love to death. That step is so importent to an artist because the idea needs to be fun and exciting. Otherwise, I won’t draw it, and nobody will see my confidence.

Anyhow, that was my little discovery, I need to find more potent ideas. Let us wrap up drawing plan 17.

Finish Line

Today, I’m planning on going out for a bike ride and do lots of chores around the house. Plus, no live stream, but you can catch my recorded video’s on my Instagram channel. Then, starting Monday, July 27, at 8:30 am, I will live stream drawing bunnies with duplication. Also, we will practice using perpendicular lines, angles, negative shapes, and distances. Tune in, and let us make it a good session.

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Maczuga Herkulesa Poland.

Maczuga Herkulesa Poland
Maczuga Herkulesa Poland

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