Drawing Plan 16: Bloop, bloop, Splish-splash, bubble, drizzle

Valletta Capital of Malta

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 16. But friends, yesterday is a great day because it’s Friday and the weekend is on the way. When the weekend is over, I feel like I didn’t have enough time. Right before, I always get the feeling like I have more time. It’s a funny thing, isn’t it?

On Friday, I wrote out my morning pages with all the complaints in the world. Morning pages are great to assist because I’m able to let go of everything that will bother me throughout the day. It’s a brain dump or mind stream to flush out everything and reset my mind.

Then posted up drawing plan 15. It was mostly about Adobe Photoshop trial ending early and me wasting my day chatting with the support team. As you can imagine, I didn’t do that much drawing.

Man, I’m starting to think drawing plan 16 is all about yesterday. Sorry about that. Also, I hope you don’t mind.

IGTV is fill with free drawing tutorials drawing project 16
IGTV is fill with free drawing tutorials

On the topic of yesterday’s drawing plan 15, I live-streamed on Instagram. Furthermore, we worked on the Invention stage of the DIET. It’s a part of drawing where you try to include everything you learned in the last three components into a 30-minute session—sort of like a great review and a gauge of your progress as an artist.

Anyhow, let’s wrap up yesterday and move to the drawing plan 16. Moreover, throughout the workday, I managed to squeeze in two drawing studies: Devils Garden Grand Staircase and Arkansas’s rock formations. However, I didn’t get a chance to work on the second rock study collection. Anyway, that’s it, let’s go over drawing plan 16.

Drawing Plan 16

Friends, nothing has happened yet, drawing plan 16 is a list of things I need to complete. Of course, I’m keeping in mind to keep the paragraphs a bit more descriptive.

However, I did finish my morning pages and complained like a sad wolf who doesn’t know how to hunt to save his life. With all my tears stored away in a dark room, I can move on to writing out drawing plan 16.

Then, I plan to publish the drawing plan 16. It’s a bit larger format then I expected. My goal is to complete it in 30 minutes, but I keep going over my time.

I’m planning on doing a few studies today and work on the second rock collection. Similarly, on the back burner, I’m cooking up some exclusive content for my follower’s eyes only. Anyhow, let us conclude the drawing plan 16.

Wrapping up with DIET Plan

The heading is a bit misleading because it’s a plan for many sessions and not only for the drawing project 16. The DIET series has several published courses I put together to improve drawing over time. Also, I live stream at 8:30 am to promote sharing and collaborative drawing together. However, I don’t have it during the weekend, so feel free to see the recorded versions on my Instagram channel. Also, on Monday, I will have a similar live stream event, like the video below.

Art Duplication On Monday

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Valletta Captial of Malta.

Valletta Capital of Malta
Valletta Capital of Malta

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