Drawing Plan 19: Bam, Bang. Ding-dong, Ding-dong.

Famous Balancing rocks Funnilogy drawing plan 19

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 19. I started drawing late, around 9 pm. I completed a single drawing study yesterday of the Youf Aghlal, Algerian desert city of Tmanrasset. The image caught my eye because it had many smooth transitions and lots of rock walls to draw.

At work, I spent most of the day programming styles for a kiosk application. Everybody hates getting stuck on something they don’t know. I’m no exception, so I had to let it go after two hours of banging my head against the wall. So I went and worked other tasks on the app. I’m a bit worried that the Angular app won’t work well in Internet explorer. Before we move the drawing plan 19, I want to unveil a cool movie I saw the other day.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky

That’s mostly it for the day, we watched a movie, Logan Lucky, about a bank robbery. Also, I’m not going to ruin it for anybody, and I was surprised at how it ended. It’s a comedy and action film. Anyhow, let us move over to today’s drawing plan 19.

Drawing Plan 19

For the drawing plan 19, I finished writing my 65-morning pages, and now I’m writing to you. Besides, I’m mostly complaining about life and how much time I’m spending on writing the pages. I want to finish them in less than 30 minutes. My goal is to avoid eating while I work on my live stream.

Live Stream Education DIET

The drawing plan 19, involves me going on Instagram and practicing my art. The live stream starts at 8:30 am and it’s open to everybody. Today is the education section where we go out on the internet and find tutorials from different teachers on how to draw bunnies. Meanwhile, if I’m not eating, I will try to follow along and share my results with you. Meanwhile, you can participate by sharing your images on the live stream. Anyhow, let us wrap up drawing plan 19 and move to the end.

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the famous balancing rocks Funnilogy.

famous balancing rocks funnilogy - drawing plan 19
famous balancing rocks funnilogy

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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