The Drawing Plan 13: Ribbit ribbit. Quack, quack. Ribbit, warble.

Loboten Islands Norway Drawing Plan 13

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 13. The other day, I was writing the usual morning pages, then making my way to write the drawing plan 12. I’m slowly getting better and using the advice I got from my friend Nenad. He suggested I find a good time to post the drawing plans. Therefore, I created a tally board with a 12-hour clock. I’m going to slowly tally up the numbers from the reader to see what is the best time to post. However, generally speaking, it’s best to publish in the morning and not during the day when people are working.

I didn’t start to tally up anything yet, but I set it up. Anyhow, what else happened the other day?

Drawing Plan 13, but Rock Studies first

Before we move to the drawing plan 13, let us discuss doing rock studies. Yesterday, I wanted to finish my rock collection study. I’m up too 40 studies. My goal is to draw 240 in a month, but so far, only about 1 or 2 a day. That’s nearly not even enough to reach my goal. I should be illustrating at least ten a day and drawing for 12 minutes each. Too many gaps will make it harder for me to recall and draw from my mind. I can surely give up my social life, not watch Twilight saga during lunch and dinner. Anyway, let us move to the drawing plan 13.

Todays Plan

Drawing plan 13 is more of a short fire to-do list, then a single paragraph dedicated to a single topic. Unless you would agree that it’s fair to call it a to-do list topic, then I’m covered, right? Anyhow, today, I completed my 60th-morning page set and writing my drawing plan 13. I’m about 18 minutes into the blog post and hoping to finish up in 30 minutes. Then, later today, I hope to illustrate the rock collection, second edition. Other than that, it’s the usual things that aren’t as usual to others, like breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices. I should probably take some pictures to express how different I am with my food. Man, I need to find a better way to move on to the next paragraph, but there it is, let us move to the finish line.

Rock Studies Collection Book
Older Rock Studies Collection Book

Finish Line

Coming up at the end of the drawing plan 13, I will not have a DIET bunny art live stream today. However, if you feel so inclined, you may want to follow along. It’s like a series, and it stays on Instagram as videos, similar to YouTube. Also, the rock studies wouldn’t be as strong without the DIET plan because they reinforce my knowledge and make my art stronger. For example, if you take a few episodes on duplication, you will learn how to use plum lines, negative shapes, distances, and angles. These tools help you quickly replicate what is in front of your eyes. Therefore, I encourage you to check out the art DIET series I put together to improve your drawing skills for the drawing plan 13.

Art Duplication Demo

Nevertheless, let us close out with the rock study drawing of the Loboten Islands in Norway.

Rock Study drawing of Loboten Islands in Norway. Drawing Plan 13
Rock Study drawing of Loboten Islands in Norway.

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