Drawing Plan 12: Chug chug chug. Puff puff puff. Ding-dong.

Rock Formation with no name morning drawing plan 12

Hi, friends, I want to talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 12. I spent a bit more time writing out the drawing plan 11 because I got a few new ideas from my friend. Also, running on low sleep the other day’s morning pages took me longer to complete. I haven’t slept well in the past week. It’s because I let myself get away with watching too many shows. For example, I start preparing for bed around nine, but I don’t get to sleeping till 11 or twelve. Then I still need to wake up at 6 am. The solution is easy, but I can’t seem to let go.

Can I let go of watching late-night shows? I guess the better solution is to limit them to once a week, or maybe that’s a bit harsh. Anyhow, let us move to the drawing plan 12.

Today’s Drawing Plan 12

Starting up today, drawing plan 12, I finished up my morning pages in about 40 minutes and skipped out on washing my face. Morning pages help me get my negative thoughts out and refocus my mind on what is essential. Also, I try to give myself some ideas on what to include in today’s drawing plan 12. Additionally, I wanted to keep writing about yesterday, but then I will never finish.

Enough about yesterday, every day, I try to do small workouts: a few pushups, rollouts, and triceps. My goal isn’t to build any muscle or anything like that. I want to wake up and get the juice in my brain flowing. During work hours, I start another workout session while I learn material for work. In other words, the video is playing every morning, and I’m listening and trying to absorb the knowledge from my co-workers. After I finish that workout, I go back to regular day to day work. Anyway, let us wrap up and move to the end of the drawing plan 12.

Stomach Push-up Roller? During drawing plan 12
Stomach Push-up Roller?

Things To Do at the End

Before I close out drawing plan 12, I have a few items left to complete. Also, I want to do a few more drawing rock studies. Then, I draw for twelve minutes of a famous rock formation. I need to build up image memory. Lately, I can hardly get one or two studies done. My goal is to finish 10 of them per day. Nevertheless, let us go to the next point in the drawing plan 12.

DIET Instagram Live Stream

Right after breakfast, at 8:30 am, I will start bunny DIET education art live stream on Instagram. Here we learn how to follow a strict schedule to improve different aspects of drawing on a specific topic. For example, education day is all about learning from other teachers how to illustrate a bunny. The live stream is free and open for anybody to join, and it will stick around after the event is over. Nevertheless, let’s close out the drawing plan 12 with an image from my rock formation study with no name.

Rock Formation with no name morning drawing plan 12
Rock Formation with no name

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