Drawing Plan 11: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Tassili n'Ajjer national park Algeria, Africa drawing plan 11

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan 11. Yesterday, I woke up later but forced myself to the writing-table. I starting penciling in my morning pages on the IPad, it took me about 40 minutes to finish writing my pages. I can’t say what I wrote because it too damn private for you to read. Mostly about my issues and complaints. It’s a way for me to unclog the pipe before I move on to the drawing plan 11 in this case.

Writing Table

Later that day, I eventually made it to our central park bike ride. We took out the CityBike and started pedaling north. The hardest part if you guys ride going uphill. In particular, Harlem hill kicks my ass every time. My favorite part is going downhill. Each time we hit a checkpoint, CityBike will charge me money if I don’t refresh the bike every 40 minutes. Anyway, we eventually got home in about an hour, in time to start making breakfast. I don’t have a lot of time today, but I’m thinking about what my friend Nenad told me about my drawing plan 11 in this case. I need to write out my paragraphs and stop writing them so fast. Anyway, I have more to say about yesterday, but I want to move today.

Today, Drawing Plan 11

Starting up today, drawing plan 11, man what a tough morning to get up. My morning pages took around 34 minutes to write. Also, I got up from bed around 6:20. I got my apple cider vinegar and my water. I need to drink that stuff so I can improve my health and digestion. Then I started penciling in my pages. Man, I feel like I get more of a muse during my morning pages than my blog posts. Do you think that way when you journal?

I can’t talk about everything, man, it’s too freaking private, but the content is so good. Anyhow, I need to focus on wrapping up and getting to breakfast because today at 8:30 am, I’m going to start my Instagram stream.

Streaming on Instagram

So, let’s lets close out the drawing plan eleven with my drawing DIET plan today. Since today is Monday, it’s duplication day. It’s about learning how to draw using four tools, plum lines, angles, distances, and negative shapes. We also need to choose a topic, or you can select your own, but I will focus on bunnies until the month ends. Also, you can follow along on my Instagram channel.

A bunny from my art diet live stream on Instagram.

To wrap up, I will leave you today with a drawing of Tassili n’Ajjer national park Algeria, Africa.

drawing plan 11 - Tassili n'Ajjer national park Algeria, Africa
Tassili n’Ajjer national park Algeria, Africa

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