Drawing Plan Ten: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Hoodoos to basalt columns balancing rocks drawing plan ten

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan ten. Yesterday, I completed my 56-morning pages, Im impressed I lasted this long. The other day, I learned about numbering my values when I draw. It’s another way to get better at shading and showing forms. In the morning, drawing plan nine took longer to finish, and I remember not enough sleep that day. Today, I need to finish by 7:30 am because I want to go biking. The other day, I was supposed to visit my mom, but she fell ill for the weekend, so she told us to stay home. Anyhow, let us move on to drawing plan ten.

Drawing Plan Ten

For drawing plan ten, I already completed my morning pages, and I’m hoping to finish writing in the next 15 to 20 minutes. Then I need to race to get ready for a bike ride in the city. Cleaning day, after we get back home, we will have lunch and probably start to clean up the apartment. We usually do this work on Sunday. Yesterday, we started watching Sahara, but I wanted to watch Twilight. I like the actor McConaughey and his other movie Interstellar. Anyhow, after we finish eating lunch and cleaning, I hope to get a few drawing studies in my life. I would love to illustrate images from my mind and enjoy the process of creating. I feel like I’m stuck too much on the fundamentals. Lastly, let us wrap up the drawing plan ten.

Finish Line

Going off the last point, I want to draw stuff from my experience and keep my risk down to 20 percent. In other words, I want to try new stuff but not losing the fun and running myself into a corner where it hurts me emotionally. Further, concept artist Trent Kaniuga mentioned the previous idea on one of his videos. He worked on many video games like Diablo, World of Warcraft, League of Legends, and Overwatch. In other news, I don’t have a live stream event for DIET planned for today, but you can follow along on my Instagram channel. Also, I will leave you today with a drawing of Hoodoos to basalt columns balancing.

Hoodoos to basalt columns balancing rocks drawing plan ten
Hoodoos to basalt columns balancing rocks

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