Drawing Plan Nine: Morning Half Hour Week Drawing Studies

Chiricahua National Monument - drawing plan nine

Hi, friends, starting up my drawing plan nine. The other day, I finished up creating Trent’s gradients maps in Clip Studio. I hope that the riskiness of spending most of my time to finish it was worth it. Two days ago, I had to install a trial version of Photoshop to transfer all of the gradients. In other news, I was able to complete a few more drawing studies. Then, I focused my attention on learning about blending modes in Clip Studio. I’m creating a small piece of paper that I will post on the wall to remind me of what each mode purpose. Anyway, let us talk about drawing plan nine.

Drawing Plan Nine

Today, I completed my 56-morning pages, so it is starting to look like a short story. Then, I want to achieve a drawing plan nine. Afterword, I intend to work out a little bit before I eat breakfast so that I can refocus my mind for the drawing. Then, I need to figure out if I’m still going to my parents to pick up a Tent. Man, this is turning out to be more of a list then a discussion. I hope I discover a better way to write the previous few sentences. More interesting, I have a meetup at 4 pm, Imaginative Illustrators of NYC. It runs every Wed and Saturday, and we draw based on prompts. This weekend we choose zombie birthday and hot wheels. Anyhow, let’s wrap up drawing plan nine.

Finish line

So for Saturday, the drawing plan nine will be about me figuring out if I will make it to the meetup. Anyway, I will try to focus on drawing; somehow, I have plenty of rock studies to illustrate. Sadly, I don’t have a live stream event for DIET planned this weekend, but you can follow along on my Instagram channel. Also, I will leave you today with a drawing Chiricahua National Monument.

Chiricahua National Monument - drawing plan nine
Chiricahua National Monument – drawing plan nine

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