Drawing Plan 14: Bloop, bloop. Squirt, dribble—clink, clink, bam.

Twin Rocks Bluff, Utah drawing plan 14

Hi, friends, let us talk about yesterday and then move to the drawing plan 14. The day before included me wondering why it’s taking an hour and 14 minutes to write these every day. I badly wanted a solution to writing faster and wanted a way to springboard ideas. Then, I figured out that I can create a draft template to clone. The clone would have tags and some content that doesn’t change. Also, I needed a way to recall my ideas. Do you keep a highlight journal? Anyway, I’m planning on starting one up and hoping it will speed things up here. Anyhow, let us move to the next point, rock studies.

Drawing Plan 14, but Rock Studies first

My drawing plan 14 circulates these rock studies. I need them, and they need me. Rock formation won’t get famous if nobody writes or draws them. At least people take pictures of them and put them on Pinterest. Additionally, I need to focus on illustrating many of them.

What’s more, I want to do this not for the fame of rock formations or rocks, but so I can improve my image recall. Also, my goal is to draw 10 per day. Finally, create a photo book of my rock sketch collection.

Rock Formation Collection v2 Progress
Rock Formation Collection v2 Progress

The rock formation collection is part of my drawing plan 14 because I completed 20 pieces, and I wanted to feature a few of them in the group. Plus, I don’t know if I will finish the collection, but it’s importent that I set my sights on it. Besides, the rock formations will have the same color pallete and a bit of shading. My goal is to make it look professional and show a stage in my drawing ability. Nearing the end of drawing plan 14, let us wrap up the day.

Learn how to Bunny Trace using DIET

Bunny DIET Tracing showing line weight, simplification and line quality

I envision drawing plan 14, ending with me completing today’s DIET live stream. Since today is Thursday, I will live stream on Instagram at 8:30 am eastern and cover tracing for 30 minutes. Tracing is about line quality, line weight, and simplification of your complex objects in your scene. In 30 minutes, we will try to use Rueben Lara’s suggestions to draw a bunny rabbit. Also, the video is live, and you can interact with me, ask me questions, and show your progress while I share the techniques. Nevertheless, let us conclude with a rock formation.

Here is a rock study drawing of the Twin Rocks Bluff, Utah.

Rock Study - Twin Rocks Bluff, Utah Rock Studies 14
Rock Study – Twin Rocks Bluff, Utah

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