The making of the Unnamed Game

Unnamed Game Feature

The Unnamed Game

My colleague and I decided to team up together to build a Unnamed game. Also, I want to share the experience with you because I believe it will help you when you design a game or idea. Jumping right in, he will focus on coding in Unity, and I will help with Art direction. Meanwhile, we don’t have a name for the game, hence Unnamed Game. However, we are gathering resources for inspiration. For example, we are collaborating on Google Drive, Team Foundation Server, and Pinterest.


Google Drive for Unnamed Game
Google Drive for Unnamed Game

3D Unity Game

We discovered the animated character assets in the 3D Unity Store. Afterword, we imported a file type called FBX. For instance, It’s a file that contains animation, mesh, and bones. However, I didn’t go online to look it up. We imported the sucker into Blender. Then hit a few keys and saw the object move and come to life. 

Excited to work in Blender

The thrill of making unnamed game inspired me to continue to work on Blender and watch a tutorial on making the low poly character. Also, the tutorial is called Complete Beginners Guide to Blender 2.8 if you need a refresher on Blender. Earlier, we were working for a few weeks in Unity. My colleague will continue to work in Unity. Hopefully, I will join him in developing. 

Tyler Editing in Unity 3D
Tyler Editing in Unity 3D

How we get inspired?

During the prototype phase, it’s essential to come up with lots of ideas and not throw them out right away. For example, I created a Pinterest board for us to organize our thoughts in sections. While I can’t share the board, you can check out my other Pinterest boards. Additionally, the pins set up in a category. For instance, world, maps, and towns are good examples to search to get inspiration for your game. However, it is essential to try to focus on a time zone in history because your search is going to be massive. 

Unnamed Game Gathering Chickens
Unnamed Game Tyler Gathering the Troops

Not the end

Thank you for reading the Unnamed Game. Also, if you have a project that you feel excited about, please share it with us in the comments. Similarly, if you’re interested in following our updates? Please subscribe to the blog by clicking the blue ribbon the bottom right. Additionally, please join the conversation below. As promised, I put together an article for you to spark your creativity, check out Fall Harvest: How to get inspiration?

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