St Lucia: Artistic Stream of Consciousness

St Lucia Feature

Hungry Morning at St Lucia

I got up this morning tired, the alarm buzzed, I snooze it and wait to catch a few mins of sleep. However, my mind is telling me that I need to go on my morning walk. After going back and forth, I finally peeled myself out of bed. Oh, and btw, Im in St Lucia for my brother’s wedding. Where are you now? Eventually, out on my walk, hoping that I will get hungry for the buffet. Finally, After circling the massive pools and palm trees, I heard my alarm ring.

Morning St Lucia

The Buffet

I head back towards the hotel and decide to eat. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, I think about the possibility of eating food local St Lucia. Then, greeted by the staff and immediately asked for the room number. I reply 5206. The lady at the counter asks me to wait until seated. Eventually, I’m escorted to my seat, preferably on the brighter side of the buffet.

Buffet at St Lucia

Is it really about the taste of food?

Upon writing, lots of details started escaping my mind. I read someplace that the mind loves to pay attention to none annoying elements. For example, it’s a buffet at St Lucia, and they exist everywhere; the more exciting part is what my friend told me. It’s not only about the food, but the presentation. It’s hard to say how long the food has been sitting on the counters.

Instead of me trying to figure the age of food at St Lucia, I decided that having the food prepared in front of me is a lot fresher to eat, then picking up things which sit in the fancy light. My favorite dish was an omelet. Meanwhile, I picked up yogurt and salad. I had asked for green tea but instead got English breakfast tea. Somehow, it made sense to me, so I let it go. Also, I wasn’t going to fight the lady over her choice or lack of tea.

Eating Dinner

The night before, I had dinner at the same place, and I wanted to draw. However, I ended up reading business advice in creating a product, which goes to show that it’s hard to make artwork and eat unless you’re making art with your food. Earlier that day, I was drawing while trying to keep my balance on the catamaran. Not to mention, my mood swinging towards upset and irritated. All in all, a good day.

Catamaran in St Lucia

Bon Voyage

Thank you for reading Artistic Stream of Consciousness at St Lucia. If you haven’t guessed, we stayed at the Royalton. Let me know if you like the vulnerable style of writing or feedback on the artwork or dessert or the fancy new subscribe button all the way at the bottom.

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