A Shaping Fire that nearly destroyed us!

Running from a developing flame feature

Shaping Fire

Hi Masters, I looked into improving my blog posts, and I found a useful resource on “Shaping Your Story.” In particular, they suggested that I rethink my intention. In other words, the assignment was to rewrite the story from a different perspective. For example, the story I choose is about a fire that destroyed my computer. Also, they recommended I tag my post with the #shapingyourstory so that it’s easier for other masters to locate my new blog post. Meanwhile, I was deciding between calling shaping fire or developing flame. Therefore, I decided to call it “shaping fire” because it’s more direct and it sounded way cooler. Before I leave you, I just want to say that it was exciting to write, and I do hope you read it.

Shaping Fire

I sat closer to Rom, a white rectangular box that shots out on press of a button. I am a small little semiconductor with three connections. A few circuits over, my favorite neighbor Izzy, the most expensive of the transistors soldered near Cepy. Therefore, I love to chat with Izzy. We speak for many hours about how well we amplify our terminals. Consequently, we boast about our pure silicon that improves flow through our semiconductors. I always thought of us a developing sparkle. Occasionally, Izzy would tell us that her pins got so juiced when Cepy was overworked. We used to sit in front of Cepy and joke around about the developing flame around his exhaust.

Later that day, Izzy and I got a surge of electricity through our pins. It was coming from Rom! Lots of data were being pushed to Cepy. Wisky, the wire, told us that data was coming through the pipe. Then, Cepy began to compute extensive data, and Izzy got really hot. A small sparkle ignited on the surrounding jungle of 15 pin power cables. Cepy reported that the core temperature is going up! Suddenly, I started seeing dark spots behind Rom. Then, out of nowhere, Rom’s lasers and gears stopped moving. Then, a blanket of silence filled our circuits. It’s as if somebody started casting a fire. Suddenly, a big black smoke has begun oozing out of the side of Rom. We never have seen anything like it, a developing flame quickly destroying all of our components.

Closing thoughts

Thank you for reading shaping fire, if my writing helped you or you enjoyed the piece feel free to leave a comment below.

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