Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge

Stubborn Artist Feature

Stubborn Artist

Not every day is about drawing, but being a stubborn artist. Moreover, you can say that painting is more natural than thinking about why you draw in the first place. I know your probably thinking, another rant! Hold on, its an exciting rant with a solution! If you stick around, I will show you how to make progress through the challenges. Plus, the emotions that go with sketching and my feelings.

In Perspective

"It's just a hobby."
"Nothing serious!"

Let’s dive in! To me, its always been an investment and being a stubborn artist. Furthermore, I do my best to improve my foundation. However, I genuinely don’t feel that way in all my pursuits. Besides, why is my mind always pointing me toward money? For example, I can think of one or more things.
For instance, stress at work to drive me towards something that I have a greater passion — merely drawing and improving for what end? Then, I have thoughts like I can’t quit my job for art or I don’t care to appreciate other peoples art. There, I said it! Don’t hate. For example, I know it takes many human hours to create a piece of art, but it takes seconds to fall in love with it!

Big Ideas & Questions

But if it means nothing to a large number of people, then it is just a hobby. Time spent learning; self-taught in practice.

stubborn artist
Imaginative Illustrators Meetup Stubborn Artist
Imaginative Illustrators Meetup

So what now? Why is Vye practicing? Are you trying to build a studio? 3D Artist in the making. Ha ha ha.

stubborn artist

Seeking Adventure

Perspective Stubborn Artist
Perspective Stubborn Artist

Then I think I can be the next comic book page turner? What is pulling the Vye node? Every day I draw, its about discovery of what I can improve. I know brains are not born with artistic ability; Why then am I trying to shove into my mind? To what end? Therefore, the plausible solution is that the challenge of it keeps me employed. Likewise, I feel the same about my job. Thus, I want to fall in love with art and not feel like a stubborn artist. I am curious about why people draw and how they discovered a passion for art. I will not settle for “I am good at it.” I learned fast; Therefore I continue? Seeking adventure and I challenge you to keep the conversation the in comments below and share your views on the subject.

4 responses to “Stubborn Artist Who Loves A Challenge”

  1. So what you’re saying is that you are drawing because you can see yourself improve? I feel like you are trying to rationalize something that isn’t inherently rational. It sounds a bit forced.

    Pure art is an end in itself. It surves no purpose other than to exist or possibly express an idea. If your intention is to do something else than you are merely illustrating or creating a product.

    If I were you I wouldn’t think so much. Just draw whatever you feel like. Let the muse take you places. Don’t be concerned with rationalizing your art or justifying it. Enjoy the process of creating. And if you cant for whatever reason or if you dont enjoy it then stop.


    • Hi Jim, how are you?
      Thank you for reading!
      Yes, you are right. I’m in love with the challenge. I love your definition of art. Especially the part about “Pure art is an end in itself.” I like your viewpoint on not rationalizing my work and to try enjoying the process of creating. However, I can’t explain why, but I want to experience working in the field of creating art professionally.


      • If that’s really the case then figure out what industry you want to work in and go to an art school that is well known in that industry. That would be the quickest path.

        That said, being a professional artist is a bit of a rough life. I know of no professional artist who makes their entire income from art. They all have more profitable side jobs (like me…) or spend their time licensing their work for products, going to conventions, doing commissions and teaching.

        The game industry used to be a good bet for employment, but even that is getting more and more outsourced. If you go that route, make sure you are really good.

        My point is, if you dont really love it, you’re in for bad time.


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