Life at the North Pole: How to Draw

Life at the North Pole

Masters, during the commute, I turn into the best artist mode for the life at the North Pole. Lots of people on the train. The goal is to impress. Today it was slightly different. The plan is to prepare for the art meetup. How you ask? It all begins with starting up my Pinterest app. Why that app? Because it works great!

Mixed Media Digital Drawing

Tools for the North

Not enough? Okay. I use it because of the tools. What tools? For seconds, it has a search bar! For example, if I search for the north pole, I will get a bunch of images. I know a few sites that make it impossible to find pictures! Three, I love organization tools. I can create sections at will and automatically be brought suggestions for more idea’s.

What traits did I use?

Let’s go back, I wanted to draw for my art meetup. Therefore, I created a few sections. I will list them in a few minutes. Why!? Because I love to make, you wait! No, I want to tell you how I come up with the ideas north pole. What is a name without a process? Secondly, the name of the section came from a few simple ideas; A trait, prop, villain and heroic quality.

Russian Nuclear Icebreaker!

Let us not drink the forgetting potion just yet! Hence, I created a new google keep post, to jot down my ideas. For the prop, I choose tough. Naturally, the villain got the evil quality. Then, I needed inspiration for the art. Omg, I haven’t even told you the name of today’s meetup! “Let’s Draw: Life at the North Pole.” Okay, don’t hit the panic button folks! Consequently, I went over to YouTube and searched around the pole. Hehe! Long and behold, I found an interesting video about a Russian nuclear icebreaker! You can see the video here.

NYC MTA Turnstile?

Wait don’t leave yet, I’m almost done! The Russian nuclear icebreaker sailed for 40 years to the north! Thus, that will be my heroic subject. In the video, I noticed that people were gathering outside for a BBQ. Therefore, I created a villain, the NYC MTA turnstile. Wait, don’t laugh, bah go ahead! Simply put, people go on the icebreaker for a simple exchange. Accordingly, see images below.

In Closing

Thank you for sticking till the very end of the “Life at the North Pole.” Check out the Pinterest board if you are interested in seeing today’s inspiration. Masters, we are at the end of the process, but it doesn’t need to end here. You can continue the conversation in the comments. Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and ask and I will answer them.

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