Unnamed Game Progress Update

About three months ago, my colleague and I worked on a game called ‘Unnamed Game,’ and I wanted to update you on the Unnamed Game progress. It’s good to know what you will need to work on when developing a game because it will prevent mistakes in the development cycle. For instance, the need toContinue reading “Unnamed Game Progress Update”

New Year 2020 Upcoming Agenda

Happy New Year 2020! – “May this year bring peace, freshness, and joy in you and your family life! Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year.” – Stolen from the internet, but seriously, I want all my fellow readers to keep their chin up and stay positive for New Year 2020. What’s more, keep doing whatContinue reading “New Year 2020 Upcoming Agenda”

The making of the Unnamed Game

The Unnamed Game My colleague and I decided to team up together to build a Unnamed game. Also, I want to share the experience with you because I believe it will help you when you design a game or idea. Jumping right in, he will focus on coding in Unity, and I will help withContinue reading “The making of the Unnamed Game”