VR World Experience in New York 2018

VR World

A few weeks ago, I went to VR world. It is a new place for me; thus I remember feeling nervous. I ask myself this question: Does everybody get this feeling when they visit a new site? Great day, nonetheless, I remember looking for places to visit while in the area. I noticed that ThinkGeek was sharing a store with GameStop. After VR World we decided to walk up 5th Ave. So for that reason, I discovered stores and, a few churches along the way. For example, we stopped at Muji, Microsoft store, and Uniqlo.

VR World
VR World

VR World in Manhattan

Being a nervous wreck, I walked up to the place. Okay, I was kind of excited too. We got greeted by the front desk and then asked to register. Yet, the registration form crashed several times. It took me forever to fill it out. In other words, the keycard is a permit to keep ourselves in line. Anyway, the guides explained to us how to use our key cards. For example, if we are late we lose our spot. Each keycard allows for a single queue. While not every VR station requires a keycard. Finally, we got everything in order, we went through the gates and started exploring.

VR World: Interesting Games

While exploring the games, I noticed a VR game called Icaros. It’s a workout station, where you use your body weight to travel through magical circles. I left that one alone for now and walked upstairs to try the bathrooms. On my way out, I walked over to a game called Tilt Brush, but it wasn’t working. At the corner of my eye, the girls were trying out Boxing and Fruit Ninja. Yet, I didn’t share the same excitement and walked over to the rock climbing section. “The Climb” is cool, when I got in, I thought I was going to die! I remember the lady helping me from pooping my pants. I spent most of my day trying out Tilt Brush because I love to paint!

What happened at ThinkGeek?

We popped in, and I noticed that it is sharing its space with GameStop. For those that don’t know, it’s a store for famous movie and game merchandise. For example, if you’re interested in collecting comics or figurines. Yes, I saw Captain America’s large shield, for those Marvel fans! Yet, fascinated by stuffed Pikachu dolls, I spent a few minutes taking pictures. We started getting hungry and found ourselves walking towards the food court.

Walking Up Fifth Ave

My sister didn’t have an unlimited MetroCard, so we ended up walking. I didn’t mind it at all. Also, I love walking because it’s part of my workout. When we got to the food-court, we spent a good hour deciding what to eat and eating… We ventured off to the makeup store. I recall the girls looking for masks and makeup remover. Leaving that, we continued walking up the ave.

Amazon Store: Virgin

On the fifth, an Amazon store appeared. I found a fascinating book for a friend. He loves his dog, Men & Dogs (The Men And Series). I like it because they show which dog and men go well together. On our way to the Microsoft store, the girls got cold, so we stopped into Muji. Yet, I never heard of it. It’s a beautiful store. It’s meant to be an office supply store. For example, I have never seen so many pencils and pens laid out in circles to try. In other words, they have little post-it notes that we can draw and test. I love this model. I must have spent a good half hour testing pens and drawing. I took the liberty in writing my blog address.

Microsoft Store: The Goal

My goal is to try the Hololens and the Surface Pro. I don’t agree with the price since I don’t own it, but I want it for drawing. Also, Microsoft wasn’t doing the Hololens demos that day. I remember an employee saying that they are bringing in the big wigs for demos. The store itself is fantastic. I didn’t even know it had more than one floor. The second floor has a setup like the Apple store on Soho in Manhattan. Computers and laptops. Employers were helping and teaching customers. To my surprise, I discovered a sizeable flat touch-screen TV. I started drawing on it, and I loved it so much. Yet, I forgot to take a picture of the image.

Uniqlo: The Flag Ship Store

After leaving Microsoft Store, we walked across the street and entered Uniqlo. The girls were browsing and using the bathroom. I was questioning everything about the technology. I’ll admit, I am a bit skeptical. Also, I never owned Uniqlo clothes, so I can’t say if this technology works. Being at their flagship store and it is significant. I felt a bit intimidated. In other words, I didn’t even know what to buy. When it was time to leave, we all getting something warm downstairs from Starbucks. For example, I got a hot chocolate and candies. I don’t remember what candy I got, but it was good.

How do you do all decide what clothes to buy?

  • Make a list of items I need
  • Ask friends what is popular
  • Subscribe to a fashion blog

What else should I add here?

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