Steam Dreams — Dronstad & Steam Bot & SKI TRIP

Steam Bot Light & Dark

Testing the reblog feature. I learned that I can’t reblog unless I’m doing this on the business plan using the Share feature on the reader! Read more

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Reblog Reader

about reblogs and my particular issue. In spite of the seriousness of the situation, I forced to stifle my anger and found a workaround. Thank you Dronstad for writing and publishing Steam Dreams! It was a pleasure drawing your story. Side note, did you know that I went skiing this weekend? Wait, I’ll discuss that later. I want to show you some cool pictures of the Steam Dreams!

Steam Dreams 🍬

Steam Dreams
Steam Dreams

A huge factory floor hissed, puffed and clanked from all of the metallic hands that built rockets. A song traveled in the polluted air, a song of busy steam engines, analog computers and coal-burning in the furnace. All of that is seen from the ground by a small computer enchanted with rockets that lined […]


The inspiration for the Steam Dreams drawing came from a book called Mechanika. Please note that if you do choose to buy from that link, I’ll get a small part of your purchase. Thank you for those that do decide to buy it!

Delve into a world of imagination populated with giant robots, strange vehicles, alien creatures and other fantastic inventions. For generations artists have created imagery destined for the entertainment of others, and now you can too.

~ Mechanika

~ Let me know if you need a cool looking featured image!? 😉

Steam Bots with Dark, Light & Plain Sketches 🌸

via Steam dreams — Dronstad

What about my Ski Trip Weekend in Vermont ⛷

I went on a ski trip to Vermont, Stowe. It was great, despite icy conditions and some of my comrades getting injured. My goal now is learning how to better control myself during icy slopes. I can’t carve the ice and my feet start hurting when I try to slow down. Does anybody know how to do this? Getting home was hard on us because we left a bit later in the day. In other words, we stayed till the lifts closed. I arrived home at 2 am and went to bed at 3 am. Also, the crazy part is that I have to get up for work at 8 am.

Ski Gallery 🖼

Reading List 📚


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