What does Valentines Day mean to me?

What does Valentines Day mean to me?

Valentines Day is here, a city filled with love.

Valentines Day starts and ends in February. Yet, feel free to continue celebrating it every day! It is a festive day like no other, where a hint of romance fills our lungs and holds our hearts strong. You know that rush, writing your first letter, standing in line trying to make sense of which flowers to get.
What does Valentines Day mean to me?
What does Valentines Day mean to me?

This holiday is unique because everybody tries to show the other half their love. Also, we celebrated it on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love, and many people give cards. Yet, people forget and need a reminder. In other words, you can use find out the next day by visiting When is Valentine’s Day in Year?

The night before the big day! 💕

In a fury of trying to plan my special day. I decided to book my day with Muse or a Movie ticket. I am suspicious of Muse Paint Bar because I’ve never been to any of the events. Also, I booked a movie with AMC, “The Shape of Water” because it is a good match for my taste for this day. In other words, it is a movie for a couple to watch because it has a few scenes of love and bonding. Though I want to paint, they had no more tickets! Thus, I booked my movie ticket’s last night and went to bed.

Morning Love 💑

I woke up seeing breakfast on my table. An egg, toast with cheese and tea. My mom must have made it after rushing to work. On my way out of the bathroom, I read an email from Muse, saying that a few more spots opened. Immediately, my heart rushed, and I notified my friend of the news. I got the okay to cancel the movie tickets and bought us two tickets! Yet, this whole excitement reminds me of the time I went to VR World because it’s new and made me feel nervous.

Random Gift Idea 💝

I remember a while ago getting a small emoji pillow for my friend. It’s cute and nice too hug. If you’re not sure what to get, that might be a possible idea.
love ring
love ring

What do you feel when you do something new⁉

I can add your feelings here with your name. Also, I can do a count off.
  • nervous
  • excited
  • scared

What’s Crackin’ \ (•◡•) /

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