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bat passive income feature

My brother had shown me a browser called Brave and told me all I had to do was use it like any other internet browser, and it automatically earns BAT passive income. Once I earned 2 BAT, I can choose to verify the wallet and cash out or keep making more. At the end of the post, I will show you how you can earn interest on your wallet and get 10$.

I love the topic, and I might consider making this into a series and a cornerstone for passive income.

BAT Passive income with Brave

Going back to Brave, below is a description of how BAT works. Feel free to skip over to see how I earn more BAT passive income from this strategy.

bat passive income brave
bat passive income brave

BAT, or the Basic Attention Token, is a cryptocurrency that aims to solve a particular and well-known problem. The advertising industry is plagued by several issues, including but not limited to advertiser fraud, user abuse, an abundance of trackers causing slow load times, and a bloated user experience.

Basic Attention Token

I removed my other browsers and switched to Brave. Another option is to have Brave as my default browser if you want to hold on to your other apps.

browsing with brave
browsing with brave

Then, I started browsing around like normal. Throughout the day, I would get a notification based on my interests. I would click on it or swipe it away while earning some BAT. The great thing about Brave Ads is that I can control the location and the amount. Depending on your interests, you can adjust it to your needs.

controlling the ADs in Brave
controlling the ADs in Brave

For the moment, I have it set for ten days for California. Why California? The ads are great, and they focus on cryptocurrency. It’s fantastic because it feels fluid, uses and pays in BAT passive income. Also, I love that it allows me to contribute to websites automatically.

Below are my totals and growth.

BAT Passive Income
BAT Passive Income

Gemini Interest

Eventually, I collected enough crypto that allowed me to verify my account and start earning interest on my BAT passive income—double win.

BAT Growth with Interest
BAT Growth with Interest

As a result, I verified my account with Gemini and discovered that we could get USD 10 of Bitcoin by signing up and trying it using my code and Bitcoin. []

BAT Passive Income 10 USD in Bit coin
10 USD in Bit coin BAT Passive Income

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