Fundrise Passive income

fundrise passive income feature

Hey there, I hope you enjoyed the IP Royal passive income post. I found another way for us to benefit without you doing much work. Before I get into the Fundrise passive income strategy, at the end of the post, I will give you a way to earn $50 with Fundrise. 

I set up a Fundrise account to accumulate interest over time. I have invested about $6,000 over four years, and it has steadily grown to about $9,000. The trick is to compound the interest and choose an investment plan of supplemental. 

fundrise passive income
Fundrise passive income

Fundrise Passive Income Strategy

Besides my outstanding performance from the charts above, the company splits projects into four categories to lower the risk of losing money. So, for example, you will know it has a fixed income, core, value, and opportunistic buckets for property types where fixed income brings the most money. The other is that real estate is a safe bet compared to the technology sector.

fundrise passive income positions
fundrise passive income positions
fundrise passive income categories
income categories

Looking at the passive income program, you will notice that each project and its location is assigned a bucket. Which clearly states the risk and investment size. For the moment, Fundrise has acquired 130 projects, and in my portfolio, I set up my strategy to focus on a fixed income because I prefer the safer bet. Throughout the year, every quarter, with my investment size, I collect around $70. Then I automatically reinvest my dividends. I remind myself that it is a long-term safe investment approach, so I don’t have to watch it so closely.

Another bonus, throughout the year, they might announce IPO matching. In my case, I got $2,000 of company shares. Altogether, the IPO leads us into a passive income strategy, as you will soon see.

fundrise projects

So, where am I going with all of this?

Throughout the year, Fundrise has different programs to bring new members on board. Recently, I noticed they are giving away $50 in shares to each person who signs up using my link and funds their account. Thank you for using my link. I greatly appreciate your help. Let me know in the comments if you access any interesting passive income strategies.

Free 50 shares
fundrise passive income 50 shares

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